Your ID Please?

This was the question asked of me recently when we were touring the Air Force Museum in Dayton Ohio. We were planning to tour an old Air Force One (Presidential Plane) and they wanted identification prior to letting us board.

I pulled my purse from under the stroller, dug through my bursting wallet for the needed piece of plastic, and handed it across the counter.

The serious looking woman at the desk looked over my license, then looked up at me. After a brief (though meaningful) pause, the following exchange took place:

Her: “Ma’am, we seem to have a problem.”
Me: “Huh?”
Her: “Your license seems to have expired.”
Me: “No, that can’t be right. When did it expire?
Her (Disdainfully): “A year and a half ago.”
Me (Unbelieving): “No way. Let me see it.”

She hands me the license. Sure enough, the expiration date was in the Spring of 2009.

Me: “Oh, well that’s not good. So, what about Air Force One? Can I go?”
Her: “Er, no.”

I waited for a moment - assuming she would look me over and see how clearly non-threatening I am... she didn't even blink. She did offer Dan and Will a chance to see the plane. Since I didn't really want to wait in an airport hanger waiting room for the hour-plus that the tour would take; we chose to skip the tour that day.

When we got home, I looked on-line at our state’s Department of Transportation website. There I learned that any expiration more than one year, required not only a written test, but a driving test as well.

After I had a near panic attack, I downloaded the state’s driver’s education manual and began to study. You see, I had not taken any sort of driving test in twenty years.

I consider myself a good driver but there are things I don’t feel I’m all that good at, and therefore avoid. Driving on the interstate, for example. And parallel parking.

So, I studied and studied. The night before my tests, Dan parked his car in front of our house, and put our recycling bin about a car length behind. I practiced parallel parking (horribly) and was convinced that failure was imminent.

We went to the DMV in a nearby town, and were waiting at the door when they opened for the day. I was greeted by a friendly lady who immediately put me at ease. After taking my information, she directed me to a cubicle to take the written test. It’s all automated these days and went quickly. I passed (missing one). I then returned to the counter where she informed me that I could take the driving test right away. Within minutes that same lady came out from behind the counter and motioned that it was time to go. Having her give me the driving test was just what I needed. I wasn’t nervous and in no time that test was also behind me. It went fairly well and I got a perfect score. I even aced the parallel parking, so clearly my Guardian Angels were working overtime.

After getting my photo taken, paying the fee and signing on a few dotted lines, it was all over. I was once again a legal driver in my state.

Though the tests both ended up being a bit easier than I’d expected; I do not recommend that anyone go through that. I was so stressed out over the whole thing, and am now SO RELIEVED that it’s all over.

I learned a lesson, obviously. I hope that my story reminds you to check your own Identification. Get it renewed in a timely manner, and save yourself a lot of grief.

As for me, I’m looking forward to the next time I am in Dayton. We’ll visit that Air Force museum again, and this time I will definitely be touring Air Force One!

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  1. Now that's quite the story of finding your driver's license is expired. So glad you Aced your tests!




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