It’s been a while since I’ve felt completely focused on doing the things I most enjoy. These past few weeks have been busy and scattered and I’ve been lucky to pass off a few quick notes as blog entries.

Will is feeling better (he’s been struggling with a virus and now ear infection - but we are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel).

My parents are both doing much better too - after their respective medical procedures.

My Day Job remains crazy-busy, but I can see a hint of a slow down ahead (which will be welcome – even if short-lived).

So now I feel that I can take a deep breath and get back to the business of being ME – in my spare time anyway.

So, here’s a list of things I hope to accomplish/reacquaint myself with in the days and weeks ahead:
• Writing letters – you know, with paper and stamps. E-mail is fine, but I don’t know that anything is more fulfilling than to see a personal note in the mail. I owe several people letters, so I’ll definitely be pulling out the stationary.
• Reading - I’ve started reading again, which is a guilty pleasure that I haven’t spent much time on since Little Guy was born (almost 2 years ago!)
• Crafting – I have so many projects just waiting to be completed… er, started. I really want to get back into that on a regular basis. So, it seemed as if the stars were aligned when I read about a new challenge put forth by the wonderful Thrify Mrs. She and a friend concocted a goal of making 52 things in 52 days. The guidelines are pretty open. You just need to make things you enjoy, and which aren’t part of your usual repertoire.

So, I’m joining her and hope to show you some of the resulting “Makes” in the year ahead. If you are so inclined, visit the Thrifty Mrs and join yourself. The more the merrier.


Cake Class - Weeks 3 & 4

Tonight was the final installment of the beginner’s cake decorating class I’ve been taking. Last week we decorated cupcakes (see below) but I never got around to posting pics till now. They tasted really good (lemon cake/lemon filling/vanilla frosting) and were fun to decorate.

Tonight we learned how to make ribbon roses (or at least the instructor attempted to teach us - I was a bit challenged). Our “final” cake assignment was to design a cake that included flowers and writing. If there were any birthdays or holidays coming up that I could have used this cake for, I would have done so. The 4th of July was the closest, but I wasn’t sure my cake would hold up for a week. So, instead of “Happy Birthday” or “Best Wishes”, I decided to do something a little more personal (see below).
I’m so lucky to have such an awesome hubby, the least I could do was make him a special cake. The colors, in case you are wondering, aren’t ones I’d usually choose for a manly cake, but I was trying to use up the frosting I had left over from another project.

Tonight's cake also tasted very yummy. It is French Vanilla with raspberry filling and vanilla/almond frosting.

I'm not sure when I'll take another class (there are two more offered by Wilton that follow this session), but I do believe that the whole experience was a fun one. I've learned a lot, and now own so many cake gadgets that I feel I must keep up with this new hobby.

Now, if you'll excuse me.... I need to eat a slice of cake. :)

Your ID Please?

This was the question asked of me recently when we were touring the Air Force Museum in Dayton Ohio. We were planning to tour an old Air Force One (Presidential Plane) and they wanted identification prior to letting us board.

I pulled my purse from under the stroller, dug through my bursting wallet for the needed piece of plastic, and handed it across the counter.

The serious looking woman at the desk looked over my license, then looked up at me. After a brief (though meaningful) pause, the following exchange took place:

Her: “Ma’am, we seem to have a problem.”
Me: “Huh?”
Her: “Your license seems to have expired.”
Me: “No, that can’t be right. When did it expire?
Her (Disdainfully): “A year and a half ago.”
Me (Unbelieving): “No way. Let me see it.”

She hands me the license. Sure enough, the expiration date was in the Spring of 2009.

Me: “Oh, well that’s not good. So, what about Air Force One? Can I go?”
Her: “Er, no.”

I waited for a moment - assuming she would look me over and see how clearly non-threatening I am... she didn't even blink. She did offer Dan and Will a chance to see the plane. Since I didn't really want to wait in an airport hanger waiting room for the hour-plus that the tour would take; we chose to skip the tour that day.

When we got home, I looked on-line at our state’s Department of Transportation website. There I learned that any expiration more than one year, required not only a written test, but a driving test as well.

After I had a near panic attack, I downloaded the state’s driver’s education manual and began to study. You see, I had not taken any sort of driving test in twenty years.

I consider myself a good driver but there are things I don’t feel I’m all that good at, and therefore avoid. Driving on the interstate, for example. And parallel parking.

So, I studied and studied. The night before my tests, Dan parked his car in front of our house, and put our recycling bin about a car length behind. I practiced parallel parking (horribly) and was convinced that failure was imminent.

We went to the DMV in a nearby town, and were waiting at the door when they opened for the day. I was greeted by a friendly lady who immediately put me at ease. After taking my information, she directed me to a cubicle to take the written test. It’s all automated these days and went quickly. I passed (missing one). I then returned to the counter where she informed me that I could take the driving test right away. Within minutes that same lady came out from behind the counter and motioned that it was time to go. Having her give me the driving test was just what I needed. I wasn’t nervous and in no time that test was also behind me. It went fairly well and I got a perfect score. I even aced the parallel parking, so clearly my Guardian Angels were working overtime.

After getting my photo taken, paying the fee and signing on a few dotted lines, it was all over. I was once again a legal driver in my state.

Though the tests both ended up being a bit easier than I’d expected; I do not recommend that anyone go through that. I was so stressed out over the whole thing, and am now SO RELIEVED that it’s all over.

I learned a lesson, obviously. I hope that my story reminds you to check your own Identification. Get it renewed in a timely manner, and save yourself a lot of grief.

As for me, I’m looking forward to the next time I am in Dayton. We’ll visit that Air Force museum again, and this time I will definitely be touring Air Force One!


It Just Takes a Moment

My Mom tells the story of the time (when I was a toddler) that she looked away from me for just a moment, and I was gone. She’d been hanging clothes on the line, and I had been playing at her feet. But in a flash, I’d run off to have an adventure more exciting than hanging laundry.

I remember chuckling a little to myself when I heard that story over the years. Surely she exaggerated! I probably wasn’t all that fast, I’d thought. Mom was probably distracted and not paying attention.

But THEN the years passed, and I had a little firecracker of my own. As a mother myself, I've now come to realize that it truly can take just a moment for all sorts of near-disasters to occur.

This morning I received a reminder of just how quick little arms and legs (and clever little minds) work.. I was sitting on the sofa, perusing a cook book recently checked out from the library. Will was playing with a wooden puzzle on the coffee table in front of the sofa. He abruptly stopped his puzzle, and ran into the kitchen.

I called after him, but received no reply.

I closed my book (marking my page), set the book on the coffee table, stood and walked into the nearby kitchen to see what Little Guy was up to. One minute (maybe one and a half) had passed since he'd run off.

I entered the kitchen fully expecting to see my Little Guy hiding under the table or playing with the radio dial (typical games for him). However, that was not the case. When I spied what he was doing, let me tell you – my heart jumped in my chest (I feel certain this is just how my Mom felt when I suddenly disappeared all those years ago). There was Willie, sitting cross-legged upon the opened dishwasher door, carefully moving knives from one of the silverware compartments to another.


He casually tossed the last butter knife into it’s new place, dismounted from his perch, grinned, and then before I could even pick him up – he’d run off again. And again, I followed - though admittedly a little faster this time.

Lessons learned today:
1. Always trust your Mother. She speaks the truth.
2. Don’t let a toddler out of your sight (even for a minute)
3. Always lock the dishwasher when not in use
4. Wear running shoes

Note: Image is from a Victorian era postcard by Raphael Tuck


A Beautiful Day

Hello Friends. Today I have so much to be thankful for.

My Mom had surgery this morning and it was a success. She'll be in the hospital overnight, but the doctor seemed very confident that her recovery should be smooth.

Just last Friday my Dad was in the hospital when he had a stint put into a cardiac artery. He is also doing well.

My folks are still sweethearts, even after all these years together. They are going to nurse each other back to health. My brother and I will help as much as we can from afar. I'm so very happy that they have each other, and also wonderful medical care.

Today I have the day off (tomorrow too) from my regular job. I enjoy the work I do there, but oh how lovely it is to stay home and spend some bonus time with my darling boy. We have played games, put together puzzles, built towers, sang songs and watched Sesame Street. He's napping now, and when he wakes up from his nap - we'll be full steam ahead once again. I wouldn't trade this time with him for anything in the world. He is my sunshine.

Dan is working today, but we will do something fun as a family tonight and I plan to have a nice dinner ready for him when he gets home. He's a wonderful husband, and I am a very lucky wife.

So, that's my brief little post for today. I just wanted to share with you a little bit of what I am thankful for this afternoon (the full list would take all day). My sincere wish is that each of you have much to be thankful for, as well.


Is It Just Me?

Or has movie merchandising reached an all new scary-crazy level (Yes Toy Story 3 – I’m talking about YOU)? I enjoyed the first two installments of this Disney/Pixar franchise, and Toy Story 3 is a movie that admittedly, even I am looking forward to watching. However I’m not totally sure I won’t be sick of them by the time we get around to watching the movie. It you’ve been to any store lately (any store at all), you know exactly what I’m referring to.

Buzz & Woody are everywhere… EVERYWHERE.

They are featured on tooth paste, juice bottles, lawn sprinklers and school supplies. There are chip bags, bread wrappers and beach towels. I’ve spotted bedding, paper towels and candy….greeting cards, clothing, craft supplies and sunglasses…and of course the original movies in every format available.

And then (as if that wasn’t enough) there is the pinnacle of children’s marketing: the TOY AISLE. There are at least three “full size” versions each of the main characters. There are also smaller “action figures”, bicycles, plush dolls, costumes, accessories, flash lights, board games, video games, Lego sets etc. You get the idea. It never, ever ends.

Maybe the marketing for this movie isn’t any worse then those which have come before it. Maybe it’s just that this year I have a toddler….a toddler who is utterly and completely in love with Buzz Lightyear. Little Guy has become so used to seeing his hero everywhere we go, that now if we drive past a store or a mall he points and says, “BUZZ?”

I have the next two days off (Yay!) and I’m sure that at some point little W and I will go to Wal Mart to “visit” Buzz. It will be a fun diversion for us both.

And you never know… maybe one of these days Buzz might decide to come home with us. After all, someone’s second birthday is right around the corner.


Cake Class - Week Two

Tonight was our second cake class, and it was just as fun as we'd expected. Last week we only decorated cookies. This time they turned us loose on a real cake! We brought in a "naked" cake, and frosted it in class. The design/pattern was chosen for us, but we were allowed to pick color variations and make some of our own design choices.

Here's my final result from tonight. I had a great time playing around with all of the techniques that they have taught us so far, and I can see that practice will definitely pay off in the long run.

If you look close (who am I kidding? You don't have to look all that close...), you can see there are some lumpy parts...

However, I can assure you it tasted fabulous! The cake was an 8" white cake with butter frosting and a yummy strawberry filling that my friend had made and which she shared with me. Dan and I had a slice once I got home and we both enjoyed it.

The only semi-negative part of the cake class experience, has been just how much stuff one is expected to purchase. I almost feel obligated to make cakes as a part time job now, just to offset the money spent to learn. That being said, most of the equipment and supplies are items I'll use in future cake making endeavors, so it's not a waste of money, just a hefty initial investment.

And as investments go, it's hard to argue with one that forces you to make cake!

"Normal-People" Lettuce

So, as I’ve mentioned before; I’m dabbling with container gardening this year. My tomatoes and peppers look promising. My onions and radishes didn’t grow properly. From the top they looked fine, but there was basically nothing growing below. The jury is still out on my carrots.

The lettuce, though… it looked good. So, I harvested a batch this weekend. I dug out my biggest colander and washed the leaves carefully. I took my time (though clearly not enough, but more on that later). When it was clean, I used paper towels to pat it dry.

I was very proud of myself….until my husband came in and the following exchange (or something very close to it) took place:

Him (eying my lettuce): “I thought you were going to grow normal-people lettuce.”
Me: “What, exactly, is ‘normal-people’ lettuce?”
Him: “You know, the kind that grows in a big head.”
Me: “Not all lettuce is head lettuce. Some, like what I’ve grown, is leaf lettuce.”
Him (looking at the offending lettuce skeptically): “Hmmm”
Me: “We’ve eaten leaf lettuce before in those bags from the grocery store. Also, we’ve had fresh spinach. That didn’t come in a head.”
Him: “Spinach is not lettuce.”
Me: “Grrr. So, I can’t list off a catalog of leaf lettuce…that doesn’t mean that normal people aren’t eating it all the time.”
Him: silence

Later, as we were eating sandwiches (turkey, Swiss, and my lettuce – very yummy); I was really happy because he was eating it and actually seemed to be enjoying it.

But then I had this little tickle feeling on my hand. I looked down and a tiny green bug (the exact color of the lettuce) was crawling across my fingers. Clearly it had come from the sandwich.

Inwardly I moaned a bit, before telling my hubby that his sandwich might have bugs in it. I took the bowl that still held the rest of my little crop, held it under a bright light and sure enough – there were several of those tiny green bugs crawling around. How they managed to cling on during the washing I have no idea.

So after I’d broke the news to my husband, he said, “Told you this wasn’t “normal-people” lettuce. The stuff we buy at the store never has bugs in it.”

**sigh** He’s right about the last bit. I also don’t remember ever digging bugs out of store-bought (i.e. “normal-people”) lettuce. I don’t want to give up though. Any ideas? What’s the best way to clean lettuce and remove not only the dirt, but the bugs too? I was hoping to avoid using any pesticide, but maybe that’s not an option….


{this moment}

Inspired by SouleMama to share one moment.... via a single photo – capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember…”

Willie & Grandpa taking a nap.


Good Times... Great Memories

Our little boy is going to turn two this summer. He’s growing fast (as little sweeties do) and every day he is more BOY and far less BABY.

Lately he is pushing his boundaries (and our buttons) at every turn. You ask for an example? Well, let me oblige you….

We have recently done a bit of rearranging in our home. For some time we’ve had a smallish television in our bedroom up on a dresser top. We rarely watched it there and decided that we should move it to a more “Will-friendly” location so he could watch the occasional Elmo movie. We did exactly that. We picked a spot so “Will-friendly” in fact, that he can easily reach the controls. Though he knows this is taboo, he occasionally forgets and changes the channel or turns up the volume etc.

Usually this happens when (of course) my back is turned. The following is a typical exchange –

I hear the tv change channels and look up from the magazine I’m reading to ask Will, “Did you touch the tv?”

He looks at me with mouth agape. SHOCK is clear on his face. “No!” he says vehemently - shaking his head back and forth.

I do not believe him. “Are you fibbing?”

He nods solemnly and comes closer. He puckers his tiny little lips and proceeds to give me kisses and hugs in hopes that I’ll forget the trouble he’s in.

He is a tiny con-man, and his adorable charm almost works on me, but then I remember that I must be consistent and he has broken the “don’t touch the tv” rule. I tell him to go to time out.

He shakes his head no.

I say, “I’m counting to 3, and if you do not go to time out – you will lose your tv for the day.” He stares blankly at me as if, quite suddenly, he does not understand English.

I hold up one finger, and say “ONE”….

He holds up one finger, and says “ONE” (mocking my gesture & tone of voice exactly), giggles crazily and runs from the room.

I sigh, but am inwardly thankful that he’s run. For otherwise he would see that although I’m a bit frustrated…I’m also having a hard time holding back a big grin.

The years ahead may try us to tears at times (my parents love to tell stories of my childhood antics - and all the grey hair they claim I'm responsible for)… Whatever they may hold, I have a feeling these years will never, ever be dull. Our little guy may be a firecracker, but he is our firecracker and we so love watching him as he grows and learns and loves. He is such a joy, and we adore him more each day.


Puppy GLove

Recently I told you about a fun book by Miyako Kanamori that I'd found titled "Sock & Glove". It is a lovely book. The pages are filled with adorable pictures of fun little stuffed creatures. Tucked in the back of the book are very well written instructions for making each. I fell in love with the cover model, and felt compelled to start with him.

It took me a few hours total to finish this little guy, but I must say I was quite pleased with the end result.
I bought a pair of simple work gloves for $1 at a flea market. I had all of the other supplies on hand, so this ended up being a very budget-friendly little project, in addition to being terribly fun. I did all of the stitching by hand, but I think I might dig the machine out for the next one I make. This glove fabric tends to unravel and a quick machine stitch might work out better. I didn't exactly like the way his neck turned out either, so I'll do that a little differently next time also. Otherwise, I think it was a successful trial run.

This sweet little fella now lives at my parents' house. My Dad was under the weather recently, and I thought a new puppy (which requires no walking or feeding) might be just the ticket to help him feel better quickly. For the record, I think it might have helped! :)

Next on my list is the cat. I have a pair of grey work gloves that I think will be just PURRRfect!


Cake Class - Week One

I love cake, and I have enjoyed dabbling in cake decorating for several years. My favorites are the old “cut-up” cakes like my Mom always made for my birthday. I’ve made my fair share of those, and have experimented with fondant and different cake recipes. It’s all been fun, but this year I decided I wanted to learn some of the more traditional decorating techniques.

Tonight, a friend and I went to our first Wilton cake decorating class at a local craft store. It was a lot of fun. The classroom was crowded, but the group was engaged and friendly and the two hours flew by.

Probably my favorite part of tonight’s class were the tips and tricks that the instructor gave us for baking a better cake. Simple things like, “Use shortening rather than butter in your butter cream frosting – especially in the summer time.” This one might have saved me a lot of grief last year on Will’s first birthday. The cake tasted great, but got very melty very quickly.

So at the end of our first two hours, this is what I ended up with…. Lovely, right?
Ha! Of course I’m kidding. The above image comes from Wilton.com, and was most assuredly not made by me (or probably by anyone else with only one class under his/her belt).

This was the actual result of my first class. There were six cookies actually, but this one gives you the general idea. Tonight was all about getting introduced to using the tips (the #18 star in particular).

We’ll branch out in the coming weeks to use more tips and techniques. I’m very excited to eat more cakes… er, no. I mean I’m very excited to DECORATE some more cakes! I'll be sure to keep you posted as the class goes by.


The Fabric Shack

On our recent vacation, we traveled through an adorable little town in Ohio called Waynesville. If you like antique shops, quaint cafes and quilting...you will want to go there yourself. We easily found their "downtown" area, and went through several little shops.

We were not there for any particular reason other than to enjoy ourselves and maybe find a fun bargain or two. We did indeed find some bargains (another story for another day). However the best part of the day for me, was when we came upon an unassuming little store called "The Fabric Shack".

For the record, this blog entry is not in any way a paid advertisement or requested review.

I said I'd love to pop in, and Dan agreed because he is a wonderful husband who humors me and tolerated my hobbies. We came in the front door and were greeted by a friendly employee as well as the very welcome sight of walls and walls of fabric bolts. "Ahhhh", I sighed. One look at my face and Dan said to take my time. He and Willie would go for a walk while I soaked it all in. The store looked small from the outside, but when I began to explore, I found that it was much bigger than I had thought. Several rooms were filled with every imaginable fabric style and print. Fabric Heaven, I assure you.
I was honestly giddy as I searched the aisles for treasure. I've been collecting fabrics lately to make a cowboy quilt for Willie. I found the most adorable prints that day. One had sweet little cowboys pictured on horses and around camp fires (see below). The second one I found that day was simply herds of stampeding cows. If I had unlimited funds and time, I would have left with much more.

I was telling the very nice Fabric Shack lady exactly that, when she said, "Well, we are online too, ya know."

The "Hallelujah Chorus" began to ring in my ears as I took the offered business card. She went on to say that the selection online was even more vast than the store. Hurrah!!

So, if you like fabric, and haven't yet visited Waynesville (or can't due to your geographic location), I'd suggest the next best thing is to visit their site. The shipping costs are very reasonable and the selection is (I think) pretty fabulous.

To Infinity & Beyond...

Our little guy just loves planes and rockets of all kinds. When we hear airplanes go overhead he cheers and points. We recently toured an air force museum, and he was grinning ear to ear the whole time.

He also LOVES Buzz Lightyear. Whenever we go to a toy store, he asks "Buzz?" and wants to visit him before we leave. He has a Woody doll at home, and he plays with him some, but Buzz is definitely his favorite.

So when I recently found this dinner set at a garage sale for $2, I was pretty excited. I haven't let the little one use it yet, but I think he's going to enjoy it a lot.

Willie doesn't always eat like we'd like (he's going through a very picky phase), but I think that if we tell him this is a bit like Buzz' spaceship... maybe we'll have some liftoff at dinnertime! I'll keep you posted.

{this moment}

Inspired by SouleMama to share one moment.... via a single photo – no words – capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember…”



Our toddler uses this word all day long. Everything he touches is “Mine!” Everything he sees is “Mine!” If the item in question is one that he really shouldn’t have, and we attempt to take it away from him – he closes his eyes tight, grips the thing with all his might and screams “MIIIIIIIIIINNNE!”
I know this phase will pass. It’s funny though, because in some ways I think that is probably how God sees us. When we are having troubles and worries, we grip them tight even when He wants us to give them up to Him, and have some faith that everything will work out as it should.

I’m a worrier. I have been for years. I worry about the health & safety of my family. I worry about politics and what would happen if one of us lost a job. I worry about any old thing. I often have to be reminded to have a little faith, and let go.

Once when I was pregnant, I woke from an afternoon nap in a complete panic. “Are we going to let the baby drive in town?” I asked my husband urgently. He looked confused, and said, “Well, not right away.” Yes, I know – very funny. I wasn’t worried about the baby driving, but I was worried that in 15 or 16 years, our son will be learning to drive in a metro area instead of a small town like we both did. Clearly this is not something that needs to be dealt with anytime soon….but I stewed about it anyway.

I acted like a little child. I took that silly worry, closed my eyes tight and gripped it close and yelled, “MINE!” What I should have done right away, was breathe deeply and pray about it. I did eventually let that worry go, but in time others have replaced it.

Today I’m worried again. Seemingly all of a sudden, several of my family members are facing fairly serious health issues, medical tests, surgery etc. I’m honestly a bit overwhelmed by it all. My initial reaction was (and is) to worry….to stew over every possible outcome…to think ten steps ahead as to what I need to be prepared to do…to take these worries as mine and mine alone. But what I know I should do, is be here for my family as needed, let them know I love them and will do anything for them, and pray.

And as I pray, I will tell Him that I don’t want these worries to take control of my life. I give them up, and trust in HIM to provide me (and my family) peace and guidance during this uncertain time. And for those who are having the health problems themselves, I pray for a speedy recovery and thank God for each day I have with them.

Having faith means being grateful for the blessings in our lives, and staying focused on the positive. It means trusting that the right answer to a problem will come to us in time, and knowing that prayer can be answered in many ways.

I know from previous experience, that letting go & trusting in God will bring me a feeling of peace. It is that peace that I now choose to hold tight and claim as “Mine!”

When we let go of fear, only then can we gracefully move from what was into the miracle of what can be. -unknown


Tasty Tidbits

We purchased our tomato plants from a local nursery yesterday. My goal was to get Heirloom if possible, and we were in luck. They had several varieties to choose from. We picked Red Beefsteak, Black Prince and Mr. Stripey. I also wanted a cherry tomato, but alas the shop only carried hybrid cherries. No worries, we got a cherry plant anyway. Of course by the time we bought the tomatoes, and the dirt we needed, got home, made dinner and got the young one off to bed – the skies had opened up and the heavy rains were upon us.

So, I shall plant later this evening or maybe tomorrow. Looking forward to getting my fingers dirty either way.

And in other yummy news….

Next week a friend and I will begin a cake decorating class (offered by Wilton) via a local craft store. I’ve always been a lover of cake (who isn’t) and have always enjoyed dabbling in cake decorating. When I was a little girl, my Mom always made my birthday cakes and they were usually decorated in the “cut-up” fashion (the pictured booklet is the same one she used to pattern most of the cakes she made for me). I specifically remember a bunny, an elephant, a giraffe and maybe a hot air balloon.

I’ve done a few of my own (a teapot, a dog, a tree etc), and have always enjoyed working on them. This class will include the more formal cake decorating instruction (flowers, borders, leaves etc) and my hope is that I can mix the two techniques to create some fun cakes in the future.

And one more food related bit….

On our recent road trip/vacation, we visited Lambert’s CafĂ©. Oh was that a hoot! They are famous for serving size (ludicrous to put it mildly – they topped the Travel Network’s top 100 “pig-out” places countdown) and they are also famous for their “throwed rolls”. Guys with heated carts roll through the aisles tossing fresh, hot yeast rolls at anyone who wants them. Little Guy thought the bread throwing was hilarious and squealed with glee every time one sailed over his head. We ate way too much, but oh it was good. If you are ever in that neck of the woods, I’d strongly recommend a visit.

Warning: don’t assume the Chef Salad is a diet option. It was as big as my head.


I'm Back

So, I was gone for a bit (on a family centered road trip/vacation)... but now I'm back. I spent some lovely times with family, but my Fellas and I are very glad to be back home again. Consider this post fair warning, that I'll soon be back to my usual bloggy self.

Hope you all are having a wonderful day.


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