Star Wars Behavior Chart

We needed something to track of Tom's daily behavior - something that would allow both my husband and I to know what the other parent had already done (put him in time out, took away TV etc). 

Tom adores Star Wars.  He comes by it naturally enough.  Both his Dad and his Uncle (my brother) are huge fans.  I looked on Pinterest for behavior charts that would incorporate the Star Wars theme, but didn't find much.  I asked my brother and husband for some ideas and had a few of my own.

I did an internet search for 'Star Wars Cartoon Characters' and used some of the results as inspiration for the guys I drew for the project.  I used colored pencils to finish them off.  I'm fairly happy with the results;

*Awesome (The Force is strong with this one)
*Good (Jedi in Training)  - this is the default position for his marker
*Warning (Much to learn, you still have)
*Time Out (Encased in CARBONITE)
*Lose ALL Screen Time (Welcome to the DARK side!) - no TV, no computer, no Kindle etc

So far Tom thinks its pretty cool.  We'll see how well it works.


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