Life is So Good

I’ve been absent from blogging (obviously) for a while now.  There is no reason for this other than that living my life has gotten in the way of writing about living my life. 
We are well.
The boys are funny and smart and mischievous and amazing.  They are growing like weeds. 
My better half continues to be a wonderful husband and an amazing father.  Marrying him remains (hands down) the best decision I ever made.
Our little house is warm and cozy in spite of the biting temperatures outside.  We love to snuggle under blankets and watch cartoons.  We play games and read books and play.
Though the wind blows and the snow falls, my mind has already turned to Spring.  Much of my free time lately has been spent with my nose buried between the pages of seed catalogues and homesteading books.  Honestly I have garden & yard plans much loftier than my budget will ever allow but I will do my best to follow through with as many of those plans as possible. 
Maybe I’ll even find time to document some of that journey here.  Who knows?


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