Look Who's FOUR!

Happy Birthday to our Little Guy - the very first person to ever call me Mama!  I just adore this kiddo.  He's funny and smart and makes me laugh more than I ever thought would be possible.

He's four today - and he's sure that this means he's now able to stay up late at night and maybe 'get a job'.  I'm not ready for him to join the workforce just yet, but we might be able to negotiate on bedtime.

Today was fun - filled with all the wonderful little things that make a young boy happy.  And any time this particular young boy is happy... Mom and Dad are happy too!

Happy Birthday to our sweet Little Guy!!  We love you so much!!!  Hoping all your wishes come true.  :)


First Birthday

Today marks our Baby Boy’s first birthday!

I can’t believe a year has passed!  Where can the time have gone?  It seems like just yesterday, I was writing THIS to the tiny baby still snuggled in my belly. 

Now he’s a great big boy with a great big personality.  He’s silly and clever and fun. He loves playing with his big brother and making us smile.  He is easily the most cuddly and lovable daily 4am wake-up call a Mom could ever hope for.  His little smile melts my heart and his giggle makes every day brighter. 

It’s true that he has a temper, but he’s my sweetie; and he will always be my Baby – even when we’re both old and grey.

Happy Birthday Baby Boy!!!  We love you so much!! :)


One Crazy Summer

Holy Busy Summer Batman!  I can’t even begin to tell you how nuts it’s been around here.  I won’t bore you with every minute detail, but I will give you a quick glimpse of the stuff that’s been keeping me away from my blog….
  • A baby who doesn’t realize he’s a baby… Baby Boy will be ONE next week,but he thinks he’s much bigger.  He gets terribly aggravated when he fails at anything he tries (translation: anything he sees his big brother do), but he never stops trying.   Actually he just never stops moving, period.  I’d forgotten how exhausting it can be to chase a determined baby who is fully mobile, and who loves nothing more than to test his boundaries.
  • A big boy who thinks he’s a teenager….  For some reason Little Guy thinks that turning four (his birthday is also this month) will flip some magic switch that changes all the rules.  He is convinced that four year olds never have to sleep and that they get to eat cookies for breakfast and wear pajamas to school.  He’s wrong of course, but he’s not easily convinced that this is the case.  We’re especially having trouble with bedtime.  He just doesn’t want to go to sleep – ever.
  • A day job that is going into overdrive….. The office is so busy; I’ve even had to work some extra hours at home lately, which is certainly not ideal.  Hopefully the extra hours are only a passing phase and not the new normal.
  • A party to plan… We’re having a joint birthday celebration for our fellas. We’re doing it at our house and of course that requires a whole different level of house cleaning than we usually get by with.  Last night it was washing windows and laundering drapes.  Tonight it will be cobweb removal and dusting the shelves that usually get neglected.  Not sure what tomorrow will hold, but I know it will probably require Clorox wipes, a scrub brush or both. 
  • Presents to make…. This I’m almost done with (thankfully).  I did publish a couple quickie blog posts last month showing the stuffed creatures I’ve made for the boys.  I’m now working on a little wooden house for part of Little Guy’s birthday present – it is a joint gift from my Dad and I, and requires a post of its own, which you’ll see later in July….
And I’ll close with a few recent pictures. Enjoy & meet me here again soon – very soon, I promise!
Baby Boy stealing a peek at Big Brother's favorite book

Little Guy "helping" his Dad with the crossword

Four Generations:  My Mom, My maternal Grandma, myself and the boys. 
This one is actually from May, but hadn't posted it yet.


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