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My name is Christy.  I am a Christian 30-something happily married mother of two.  Our sweet little boys are a handfull, and we couldn't be happier.  We live in the midwestern United States in a small house, on a small lot.  Our home may be small, but our hearts are full.  Life is good!

I have a day job as a technical writer.  It's not exciting, but it is a good job and I can't complain.  Someday (God willing) I'd love to be a stay-at-home Mom and homeschool.  I love the idea of helping shape my children's education from the very beginning.  For now, that's only a dream... but someday, maybe it will be more.

In my spare time (what little I have) I love to be crafty.  As they say, I'm a "jack of all trades - a master of none".  I quilt, crochet and embroider.  I make the occasional plush toy, decorate cakes and bake pies.  I want to learn how to make soap and candles.  I make my own greeting cards when I have time, and I love to draw/sketch.

I am intrigued by frugality and the concept of "getting by".  I shop at thrift stores and garage sales.  I enjoy canning and gardening.  I enjoy reading about prparedness, though I couldn't be classified as a prepper.

I collect cookbooks and children's books... pretty much any books I might find at a bargain.

I'm addicted to British television shows and old movies.  I love music from many genres, but my favorites are from the 30s/40s/50s.

I am an avid talk radio listener and a conservative political junkie.

I write about… family, marriage, motherhood, frugal living, sewing/quilting/making, recipes, good books, the faith which grounds me… and all the other reasons my life is so very Wicked Happy!

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