Is It Just Me?

Or has movie merchandising reached an all new scary-crazy level (Yes Toy Story 3 – I’m talking about YOU)? I enjoyed the first two installments of this Disney/Pixar franchise, and Toy Story 3 is a movie that admittedly, even I am looking forward to watching. However I’m not totally sure I won’t be sick of them by the time we get around to watching the movie. It you’ve been to any store lately (any store at all), you know exactly what I’m referring to.

Buzz & Woody are everywhere… EVERYWHERE.

They are featured on tooth paste, juice bottles, lawn sprinklers and school supplies. There are chip bags, bread wrappers and beach towels. I’ve spotted bedding, paper towels and candy….greeting cards, clothing, craft supplies and sunglasses…and of course the original movies in every format available.

And then (as if that wasn’t enough) there is the pinnacle of children’s marketing: the TOY AISLE. There are at least three “full size” versions each of the main characters. There are also smaller “action figures”, bicycles, plush dolls, costumes, accessories, flash lights, board games, video games, Lego sets etc. You get the idea. It never, ever ends.

Maybe the marketing for this movie isn’t any worse then those which have come before it. Maybe it’s just that this year I have a toddler….a toddler who is utterly and completely in love with Buzz Lightyear. Little Guy has become so used to seeing his hero everywhere we go, that now if we drive past a store or a mall he points and says, “BUZZ?”

I have the next two days off (Yay!) and I’m sure that at some point little W and I will go to Wal Mart to “visit” Buzz. It will be a fun diversion for us both.

And you never know… maybe one of these days Buzz might decide to come home with us. After all, someone’s second birthday is right around the corner.


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  2. Hi Christy!
    Thanks for visiting my blog and for following. I'm following your blog now too.

    The marketing for Toy Story 3 is definitely crazy but we are buying into it. I have two boys who both love the Toy Story movies and I do too. We can't wait to see it.

    Look forward to more posts from you.



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