To Infinity & Beyond...

Our little guy just loves planes and rockets of all kinds. When we hear airplanes go overhead he cheers and points. We recently toured an air force museum, and he was grinning ear to ear the whole time.

He also LOVES Buzz Lightyear. Whenever we go to a toy store, he asks "Buzz?" and wants to visit him before we leave. He has a Woody doll at home, and he plays with him some, but Buzz is definitely his favorite.

So when I recently found this dinner set at a garage sale for $2, I was pretty excited. I haven't let the little one use it yet, but I think he's going to enjoy it a lot.

Willie doesn't always eat like we'd like (he's going through a very picky phase), but I think that if we tell him this is a bit like Buzz' spaceship... maybe we'll have some liftoff at dinnertime! I'll keep you posted.

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