Cake Class - Weeks 3 & 4

Tonight was the final installment of the beginner’s cake decorating class I’ve been taking. Last week we decorated cupcakes (see below) but I never got around to posting pics till now. They tasted really good (lemon cake/lemon filling/vanilla frosting) and were fun to decorate.

Tonight we learned how to make ribbon roses (or at least the instructor attempted to teach us - I was a bit challenged). Our “final” cake assignment was to design a cake that included flowers and writing. If there were any birthdays or holidays coming up that I could have used this cake for, I would have done so. The 4th of July was the closest, but I wasn’t sure my cake would hold up for a week. So, instead of “Happy Birthday” or “Best Wishes”, I decided to do something a little more personal (see below).
I’m so lucky to have such an awesome hubby, the least I could do was make him a special cake. The colors, in case you are wondering, aren’t ones I’d usually choose for a manly cake, but I was trying to use up the frosting I had left over from another project.

Tonight's cake also tasted very yummy. It is French Vanilla with raspberry filling and vanilla/almond frosting.

I'm not sure when I'll take another class (there are two more offered by Wilton that follow this session), but I do believe that the whole experience was a fun one. I've learned a lot, and now own so many cake gadgets that I feel I must keep up with this new hobby.

Now, if you'll excuse me.... I need to eat a slice of cake. :)


  1. Oh my goodness! French Vanilla with raspberry frosting and vanilla/almond frosting?????? It sounds heavenly! My favorite combinations!! Eat a piece for me too. :)

  2. They look great. You're making me hungry!



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