The Fabric Shack

On our recent vacation, we traveled through an adorable little town in Ohio called Waynesville. If you like antique shops, quaint cafes and quilting...you will want to go there yourself. We easily found their "downtown" area, and went through several little shops.

We were not there for any particular reason other than to enjoy ourselves and maybe find a fun bargain or two. We did indeed find some bargains (another story for another day). However the best part of the day for me, was when we came upon an unassuming little store called "The Fabric Shack".

For the record, this blog entry is not in any way a paid advertisement or requested review.

I said I'd love to pop in, and Dan agreed because he is a wonderful husband who humors me and tolerated my hobbies. We came in the front door and were greeted by a friendly employee as well as the very welcome sight of walls and walls of fabric bolts. "Ahhhh", I sighed. One look at my face and Dan said to take my time. He and Willie would go for a walk while I soaked it all in. The store looked small from the outside, but when I began to explore, I found that it was much bigger than I had thought. Several rooms were filled with every imaginable fabric style and print. Fabric Heaven, I assure you.
I was honestly giddy as I searched the aisles for treasure. I've been collecting fabrics lately to make a cowboy quilt for Willie. I found the most adorable prints that day. One had sweet little cowboys pictured on horses and around camp fires (see below). The second one I found that day was simply herds of stampeding cows. If I had unlimited funds and time, I would have left with much more.

I was telling the very nice Fabric Shack lady exactly that, when she said, "Well, we are online too, ya know."

The "Hallelujah Chorus" began to ring in my ears as I took the offered business card. She went on to say that the selection online was even more vast than the store. Hurrah!!

So, if you like fabric, and haven't yet visited Waynesville (or can't due to your geographic location), I'd suggest the next best thing is to visit their site. The shipping costs are very reasonable and the selection is (I think) pretty fabulous.


  1. I have been buying from them,online,for a few years!
    They are brilliant...and reasonable!

  2. there is nothing like finding a new shop that you want to spend hours in, spend all your money in then go home and look them up on the web!! looks gorgeous


  3. Fabric shops...make my heart beat faster!



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