It’s been a while since I’ve felt completely focused on doing the things I most enjoy. These past few weeks have been busy and scattered and I’ve been lucky to pass off a few quick notes as blog entries.

Will is feeling better (he’s been struggling with a virus and now ear infection - but we are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel).

My parents are both doing much better too - after their respective medical procedures.

My Day Job remains crazy-busy, but I can see a hint of a slow down ahead (which will be welcome – even if short-lived).

So now I feel that I can take a deep breath and get back to the business of being ME – in my spare time anyway.

So, here’s a list of things I hope to accomplish/reacquaint myself with in the days and weeks ahead:
• Writing letters – you know, with paper and stamps. E-mail is fine, but I don’t know that anything is more fulfilling than to see a personal note in the mail. I owe several people letters, so I’ll definitely be pulling out the stationary.
• Reading - I’ve started reading again, which is a guilty pleasure that I haven’t spent much time on since Little Guy was born (almost 2 years ago!)
• Crafting – I have so many projects just waiting to be completed… er, started. I really want to get back into that on a regular basis. So, it seemed as if the stars were aligned when I read about a new challenge put forth by the wonderful Thrify Mrs. She and a friend concocted a goal of making 52 things in 52 days. The guidelines are pretty open. You just need to make things you enjoy, and which aren’t part of your usual repertoire.

So, I’m joining her and hope to show you some of the resulting “Makes” in the year ahead. If you are so inclined, visit the Thrifty Mrs and join yourself. The more the merrier.


  1. Just wanted to say that you're one sweet girl, and your enthusiasm for life is wonderfully contagious. :) I thank you for that!

  2. Hi Christy! I really enjoyed your post...it's exactly how I feel sometimes...down to the ear infection and reading :).
    P.S. Love your header...that platter is gorgeous!!!

  3. Lovely to have you aboard.
    Good luck with the challenge. It will be interesting to look back in a years time and see what we all made for each of the 52 weeks.



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