Puppy GLove

Recently I told you about a fun book by Miyako Kanamori that I'd found titled "Sock & Glove". It is a lovely book. The pages are filled with adorable pictures of fun little stuffed creatures. Tucked in the back of the book are very well written instructions for making each. I fell in love with the cover model, and felt compelled to start with him.

It took me a few hours total to finish this little guy, but I must say I was quite pleased with the end result.
I bought a pair of simple work gloves for $1 at a flea market. I had all of the other supplies on hand, so this ended up being a very budget-friendly little project, in addition to being terribly fun. I did all of the stitching by hand, but I think I might dig the machine out for the next one I make. This glove fabric tends to unravel and a quick machine stitch might work out better. I didn't exactly like the way his neck turned out either, so I'll do that a little differently next time also. Otherwise, I think it was a successful trial run.

This sweet little fella now lives at my parents' house. My Dad was under the weather recently, and I thought a new puppy (which requires no walking or feeding) might be just the ticket to help him feel better quickly. For the record, I think it might have helped! :)

Next on my list is the cat. I have a pair of grey work gloves that I think will be just PURRRfect!


  1. Your sock and glove dog is priceless! Great job on it... and I bet your Dad was pleased as punch to get it.

  2. It is just like the little guy on the cover - I love that book even though I haven't made anything from it yet!


  3. Adorable--I just might have to get that book for my little nephews. Good job on the pup!



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