Good Times... Great Memories

Our little boy is going to turn two this summer. He’s growing fast (as little sweeties do) and every day he is more BOY and far less BABY.

Lately he is pushing his boundaries (and our buttons) at every turn. You ask for an example? Well, let me oblige you….

We have recently done a bit of rearranging in our home. For some time we’ve had a smallish television in our bedroom up on a dresser top. We rarely watched it there and decided that we should move it to a more “Will-friendly” location so he could watch the occasional Elmo movie. We did exactly that. We picked a spot so “Will-friendly” in fact, that he can easily reach the controls. Though he knows this is taboo, he occasionally forgets and changes the channel or turns up the volume etc.

Usually this happens when (of course) my back is turned. The following is a typical exchange –

I hear the tv change channels and look up from the magazine I’m reading to ask Will, “Did you touch the tv?”

He looks at me with mouth agape. SHOCK is clear on his face. “No!” he says vehemently - shaking his head back and forth.

I do not believe him. “Are you fibbing?”

He nods solemnly and comes closer. He puckers his tiny little lips and proceeds to give me kisses and hugs in hopes that I’ll forget the trouble he’s in.

He is a tiny con-man, and his adorable charm almost works on me, but then I remember that I must be consistent and he has broken the “don’t touch the tv” rule. I tell him to go to time out.

He shakes his head no.

I say, “I’m counting to 3, and if you do not go to time out – you will lose your tv for the day.” He stares blankly at me as if, quite suddenly, he does not understand English.

I hold up one finger, and say “ONE”….

He holds up one finger, and says “ONE” (mocking my gesture & tone of voice exactly), giggles crazily and runs from the room.

I sigh, but am inwardly thankful that he’s run. For otherwise he would see that although I’m a bit frustrated…I’m also having a hard time holding back a big grin.

The years ahead may try us to tears at times (my parents love to tell stories of my childhood antics - and all the grey hair they claim I'm responsible for)… Whatever they may hold, I have a feeling these years will never, ever be dull. Our little guy may be a firecracker, but he is our firecracker and we so love watching him as he grows and learns and loves. He is such a joy, and we adore him more each day.

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  1. Enjoy it while you can! The Twos can be trying but not as trying as the teens, I am finding!! In a blink of an eye he will be bringing his first girlfriend home.



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