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We purchased our tomato plants from a local nursery yesterday. My goal was to get Heirloom if possible, and we were in luck. They had several varieties to choose from. We picked Red Beefsteak, Black Prince and Mr. Stripey. I also wanted a cherry tomato, but alas the shop only carried hybrid cherries. No worries, we got a cherry plant anyway. Of course by the time we bought the tomatoes, and the dirt we needed, got home, made dinner and got the young one off to bed – the skies had opened up and the heavy rains were upon us.

So, I shall plant later this evening or maybe tomorrow. Looking forward to getting my fingers dirty either way.

And in other yummy news….

Next week a friend and I will begin a cake decorating class (offered by Wilton) via a local craft store. I’ve always been a lover of cake (who isn’t) and have always enjoyed dabbling in cake decorating. When I was a little girl, my Mom always made my birthday cakes and they were usually decorated in the “cut-up” fashion (the pictured booklet is the same one she used to pattern most of the cakes she made for me). I specifically remember a bunny, an elephant, a giraffe and maybe a hot air balloon.

I’ve done a few of my own (a teapot, a dog, a tree etc), and have always enjoyed working on them. This class will include the more formal cake decorating instruction (flowers, borders, leaves etc) and my hope is that I can mix the two techniques to create some fun cakes in the future.

And one more food related bit….

On our recent road trip/vacation, we visited Lambert’s CafĂ©. Oh was that a hoot! They are famous for serving size (ludicrous to put it mildly – they topped the Travel Network’s top 100 “pig-out” places countdown) and they are also famous for their “throwed rolls”. Guys with heated carts roll through the aisles tossing fresh, hot yeast rolls at anyone who wants them. Little Guy thought the bread throwing was hilarious and squealed with glee every time one sailed over his head. We ate way too much, but oh it was good. If you are ever in that neck of the woods, I’d strongly recommend a visit.

Warning: don’t assume the Chef Salad is a diet option. It was as big as my head.

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