Cake Class - Week Two

Tonight was our second cake class, and it was just as fun as we'd expected. Last week we only decorated cookies. This time they turned us loose on a real cake! We brought in a "naked" cake, and frosted it in class. The design/pattern was chosen for us, but we were allowed to pick color variations and make some of our own design choices.

Here's my final result from tonight. I had a great time playing around with all of the techniques that they have taught us so far, and I can see that practice will definitely pay off in the long run.

If you look close (who am I kidding? You don't have to look all that close...), you can see there are some lumpy parts...

However, I can assure you it tasted fabulous! The cake was an 8" white cake with butter frosting and a yummy strawberry filling that my friend had made and which she shared with me. Dan and I had a slice once I got home and we both enjoyed it.

The only semi-negative part of the cake class experience, has been just how much stuff one is expected to purchase. I almost feel obligated to make cakes as a part time job now, just to offset the money spent to learn. That being said, most of the equipment and supplies are items I'll use in future cake making endeavors, so it's not a waste of money, just a hefty initial investment.

And as investments go, it's hard to argue with one that forces you to make cake!


  1. I remember how expensive that class was in terms of goodies we had to buy. Sadly, I've not used the tips, etc. hardly at all. Shame on me!

    You've inspired me for sure.

  2. Wow it looks great! I can almost taste it! x

  3. I came over from Brenda. This cake looks amazing! Congratualtions!




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