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So, Pinterest was a mystery to me at first.  It wasn't that I didn't understand it.  I just didn't see the allure.

I dabbled now and then, but was never crazy into it like some are.

But then I started thinking about ways to redo our kitchen.  It's yellow.  No, not daffodil yellow.  No, not buttercup yellow.  I mean YELLOW.  We fondly (well, most of the time it's fondly) refer to it as "Spongebob yellow".  This was a bold choice to be sure, and like many bold choices it was wonderful at first.

Five years later, the wonderful has faded.  The yellow hasn't.  So, it's time to figure out what I want to do with this space.  I'm lucky.  Hubby really doesn't care as long as I don't go too feminine.  He's not a fan of too many flowers or pastels. 

So, I started looking at Pinterest a little more.  I found a lot of great ideas and gradually began to realize a few things....  I want to paint my cupboards.  I want to hang my pans on the wall.  I still want some bold color, but maybe not on the walls.

The biggest thing I realized was that I am hooked - to pinning, that is.

Here are my faves from this week... (in no particular order and not all kitchen related):

our kitchen table is very much like this one, except yellow (of course)

books as decor... always a winner to me

reminds me of my Mom  :)

comfy chair and sweet wall art.  win-win

i love collections

books again... and love the globes too

So, what are YOU pinning?

Find all the original images on Pinterest (they're on my "Cozy Home" board if you want to come on over and follow me there).


  1. I swoon over vintage picnic baskets, and that vintage kitchen at the top, LOVE!!!

  2. I think I would love your kitchen table!

  3. Love your pins...must find you and grab them! :)

  4. I love to pin for ideas, too! Mostly home decorating and food. It's such a great way to store ideas that you come across- I used to copy pics and URLs into a Word doc, and Pinterest is SO much easier!

    I really want to see your yellow kitchen now, lol.

  5. OOO, you have a 'proper' American Diner kitchen table! I'm in love! I like yellow too!
    I daren't even start on Pinterest...I'm having trouble enough keeping in touch with bloggers, let alone spending MORE time 'doing nothing'!!
    Z xx



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