Going Home for Easter

I just love Easter. I love everything about it (even the big bunny and the colored eggs), but most of all, I love the Christian meaning of Easter… For me (and my family) Easter Sunday has always been synonymous with church services, thankful, grateful worship and cherished time spent with family.

Easter memories are some of my favorite from childhood, and this year I was able to give my boys a taste of what I remember most about those long ago Easter holidays.  The boys and I went to my parents for the holiday weekend (Hubby stayed home to work on some house stuff), and we had a wonderful time.  The weather was perfect and everyone was in good spirits and feeling great.  We got there fairly early on Saturday, and the fun started right away. 

Little Guy had a blast.  He went bird watching with Grandma, and flew a kite with Grandpa.  He had chocolate ice cream and asked Grandma and Grandpa both to read him lots of train books.  He also went for a lot of walks, exploring the farm.  He chased the stubborn farm cat (who had no interest in being his playmate, though Little Guy was not deterred).  He sat on Grandpa’s John Deere tractor, smelled some Spring flowers and was excited (dare I say thrilled) to discover the old outhouse that is tucked behind one of the sheds on Grandpa’s farm. 
Little Guy exploring
Baby Boy didn’t get left out.  He got lots of snuggles and kisses.  He liked rolling a big ball back and forth with Grandpa and took a long cozy nap in Grandma’s arms.  They both read him lots of books.  Baby Boy didn’t get chocolate ice cream, but he did have his first ever taste of a Graham cracker (he’s a big fan) and also had his first taste of lemon coffee cake (tiny crumbs, but boy did they make him happy).
Baby Boy at play
And if that all wasn’t enough (and it would have been) we also went to a lovely early morning church service at the same church my Dad went to until he was in his twenties, and where my family had went together until we moved away when I was four years old.  I hadn’t been able to go to that particular annual service in close to a decade, and was very happy to go with my parents and my boys this year.  We enjoyed a beautiful little service, followed by breakfast and fellowship from folks we hadn’t seen in some time.  Then we went to Sunday School at my parents’ regular church.  Afterwards, we packed up all of our stuff, and headed home.  The boys both slept for the entire two hour return trip.  They were exhausted, but very happy.

My Dad, Little Guy and Baby Boy on the steps of our hometown chuch.
It was a wonderful weekend full of memory making (not just for the boys, but for me too), and I have to admit it was not easy getting back into the groove of real life today. 

One HAPPY Mama (ME) with her sweet little fellas

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