Self Diagnosis

I’m usually a cheerful upbeat type of person.  I’m more likely to be smiling than frowning and my ‘glass’ is almost always half full.

This week though, I’ve been down in the dumps a bit.  I’ve even been feeling a level of anxiety that is very rare.  I couldn’t pinpoint what I was anxious about, but something was bugging me and making me sad.

I felt like this:


The thing was, I couldn’t figure out what was causing the change in my emotional well being.  I’m not sick.  I’m getting enough sleep.  They boys and my Hubby are as awesome as ever.  I’ve been eating healthier and drinking a ton of water every day.  I should be feeling a lot better – certainly not worse.

This morning it dawned on me.  I’ve been drinking a lot of water (a lot!), and in so doing, have skipped the coffee/tee/diet soda that might usually be a part of my day.  On a whim, I had a caffeinated beverage this morning with my breakfast.  It took maybe twenty minutes, but VOILA!

Now I feel like this:

Am I addicted to caffeine?  Yes, evidently.  Am I okay with that?  Yes.  Yes I am.


  1. I only ever drink water Christy. I don't like tea and coffee and can't have fizzy drinks due to stomach ulcer, so no caffeine for me. Maybe that's why I always feel tired and lacklustre lol!

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