March Madness & Random Pictures

Miss me lately?  Sorry I've been absent from the blogosphere.  It's just been a very busy few weeks.  So, what have I been up to?  Well, since you asked...
Little Guy had another ear infection and we've been rounding the final corner of potty training (hurrah!)

Baby Boy isn't yet crawling (though he's very close).  He does manage to get wherever he wants to be via rolling and a weird little backwards scoot.

We had the boys professional pictures taken, and they turned out great.  We went to the local St Patrick's Day parade, and Little Guy had a play date with a good friend.

We usually put any/all tax return dollars into savings/bills, but this year decided to split a little chunk and get some wish list items.  Mine?  A new camera and a pressure canner.  I'm very excited about both!

I've been working on some Christmas projects (Yes, I'm starting early this year), and also just finished a commissioned sewing project - a blanket - for a good friend.

Also we've been doing a lot yard work and spending time at the park - enjoying this lovely Spring weather.

The day job has been a little draining too.  Luckily this level of intensity comes in spurts, and soon things will slow down again.  I just don't feel very motivated to spend time on the computer in the evenings when I've made it through a hectic day.

I hope that your March is both busy and fun.  :)

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  1. What great great photos!! Glad to see you are all well. xxxxx



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