I read a lot of blogs from all over that cover a wide range of topics.  Some of my favorites relate to homemaking, parenting, crafting, quilting and home-school.  I often feel like I know these fellow bloggers.  It’s as if they are my real-life friends.  So it saddens me terribly when I realize a favorite blog has (without warning) been abandoned. 

I fret about it. 

Yesterday, I was reviewing some of the many blogs I follow.  I was just going through the list and clicking on favorites – catching up with them and enjoying it.  I came to one that always made me smile, and saw that she hasn’t posted in over a year.

What has happened to my “friend”? 

Has she moved to another blog, and decided not to tell her readers?
Has she decided blogging is too much work, and tossed in the towel?
Has she decided to be a back up dancer for Justin Beiber and doesn’t have reliable internet service on the road?
Has she died?!?

Maybe it’s just me, but when I see that a blog I love hasn’t been updated in months or a year or more, I start to wonder.  Usually the “final” post is something entirely benign about reupholstering a kitchen chair or trying a new cookie recipe.  There is never any foreboding, no warning of future absence.  Everything just stops.

And it makes me a little bit sad.

I hope that they’re just so busy, they simply have no spare time to write.  I miss them though.  Silly, right?  This is, I suppose, one of the downfalls to this virtual world we share.  We think we know someone because we are reading about their hopes and dreams, but when they disappear we realize maybe we don’t know them at all.

Maybe she was one of the three big winners in the Mega Millions a few weeks ago, and simply decided that she’d get a new hobby – like renovating an old mansion, or buying a baseball team.  I hope its something like that - something wonderful and not at all sad.  I wish her well, wherever she is, and I hope someday I'll see more posts from her again.


  1. I feel exactly the same way Christy. If someone has decided to stop blogging it wouldn't take them 10 minutes just to do a quick Goodbye post, otherwise we have no way of knowing whether something has happened to them.

  2. I totally understand! Just let us know, you know? Funny how we start to care about people we've never actually met, isn't it? I'd love to travel forward in time to read the history and sociology books about this shift in our culture.



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