Spring Fever

Saturday night was frightful around here.  The wind howled.  The rain poured.  Lightning splintered the sky.  Thunder crashed.  You get the idea.

But then yesterday, the world woke renewed.  The sky was lovely and the breeze was soft and cool.  The sun shone between the clouds.  Everything was green.  It was a perfect day.

Little Guy was busy playing with trains and Baby Boy and I were watching the birds in our side yard through an open window.  When the air was still, Baby Boy sat at attention, his expression one of complete concentration.  He was one serious baby boy!

But then… the breeze would come through without notice, wafting through his wispy hair and cooling his rosy cheeks.  And just like that, he was transformed.  Gone was the stillness and the seriousness and the concentration.  In its place was sheer joy.  His squeal and grin were contagious.  His eyes danced.  His chubby little hands and feet swung and kicked with glee.  This was his first experience with Spring Fever, and he didn’t hold back.  He gurgled and laughed.  He made funny faces and ‘sang’..

Until the breeze was gone, and then he was still once again, waiting for the next thrill of Spring to visit through the open window.


  1. Very cute story! Those storms were something else--but everything definitely was green the next day! I am following through the blog hop.

    Mel S

  2. Your baby boy is so precious, Christy, they both are. What blessings!!

    Following your great blog from the blog hop, thanks for the follow. God bless and have a fantastic day.

  3. Following you back from Our lovely life! Your blog is so cute!



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