I Still Do

Five years ago today (can it really be five years?) we started our life together as man and wife.  It's been a fantastic journey, and I haven't regretted it once.

You know what?  Even after all this time - I still get all mushy inside when I catch his eye across a crowded room.  Sometimes we'll be playing with the boys and the moment will be so perfect, and my heart just swells and I know.
I know that if I had to do it again, I would.  Because it doesn't get better than this. 

I loved him then.  I knew he was the guy for me.

I still do.


  1. So sweet, happy anniversary!

  2. Congratulations on you anniversary! I can totally relate. My hubby still makes me swoon.

    Thanks for coming by busy Mama Bird today. I saw your comment, but then it disappeared for some reason. Anyway, I'm liking your blog so far. Your writing style is genuine, like you're conversing with a friend. I like that.

    I saw your post a couple down about when your fave bloggers suddenly stop writing and it got me thinking. I had a pretty successful Disney blog going on last year. Sadly, I'm guily of nearly abandoning it. I have so many ideas for posts, but for some reason I can't make myself just sit and get them out. I don't know, maybe it has something to do with being depressed that I'm not going back anytime soon so writing about it is like torture. I don't know... Clearly I hadn't ever really thought of what it does to the readers when a blogger quits writing for a while. Something to consider. Thank you. Hopefully I can get back to it soon...

    Well, I'll be seeing you. I am your newest follower after all :-)

  3. Such a beautiful photo! :) And aren't you amazed at how much your life has changed in 5 years?

    (had to close Contemplative Joy...not sure if I told you...I was hacked...back at Blogger now!)

  4. thanks for following me at Mommie...Again. I couldn't find where to follow you!!!

  5. I love to hear testimonies like this! How lovely:-) Thanks for stopping by!



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