Sick Kiddo

Baby Boy is under the weather.  Poor little Sweetie has a fever and just wants to snuggle and sleep.  We could tell something was wrong when he decided on Sunday to nestle down in Daddy’s arms instead of crawling madly behind his big brother (Baby Boy’s favorite pastime of late).

By Monday morning he was running a fever of 102.  Other than the clingy/cuddly way he’s been acting, the fever is the only symptom he’s shown.  We considered it might be teething, but it felt like more and today we found out that a couple other kids at his daycare are out with fevers as well, so evidently he’s caught a little bug.

Unlike some other bugs – those accompanied by the eruption of various bodily fluids or painful coughing – this one has been easy.  Yesterday I took the day off to be with him (Hubby had the honors today).  Baby Boy just wanted to lay on my chest, his face nuzzling my neck.  That was all.  So I spent my “bonus home day” reclining on the sofa, cuddling my warm little baby boy while lazily perusing Pinterest on my laptop, and watching chick flicks (via NetFlix). 

I never ever want my kids to be sick, but yesterday was a pretty nice day.  Baby Boy is usually crawling now, and pulling himself up whenever/wherever he can.  It is rare indeed for that little fellow to willingly sit still, so I had quite the cuddle blessing.

I read today that little Avery Canahuati passed away over the weekend.  Whenever I read some heart wrenching story like that (and hers is certainly a story worth reading), it just makes me want to cuddle my boys even more.  It also reminds me to be thankful for every single moment I have with my little ones – and all the rest of my family as well. 

Life is fleeting, folks.  Get all the cuddles that you can.


  1. Oh, poor ol' little 'un! Still, I think you both appreciated the cuddles needed!
    It strikes me as the most worst thing for a mom-when a youngster is oviously sick but can't say what's wrong with them.
    Was it USA Mothers Day at the weekend? If so, I hope you had lots of treats and kisses. And if it wasn't, I hope you Still had lots of Ts & Ks!!
    Z xx

  2. aw no :( I hope he is feeling better soon! It's so sad seeing little ones sick! xo

  3. poor momma and baby boy. I hope he gets much better and very fast I know the stress of seeing your kid sick.

  4. New follower from blog hop! I am sorry your boy is sick! Hope he feels better....

    Stop on by and follow back. Also having a Favorite Product Blog Hop tomorrow. The link is open now.




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