Happy Mother's Day

Here in the United States, today we celebrate the mothers in our lives.  I am very lucky indeed to have been blessed with many (both in my own family and in my husband's).  Each of these ladies are special and loved in their own way.  Today my best wishes go out to each of them!  Thank you for being there for me.  You all deserve a lovely day.

Today I will enjoy quality time with the ones who call ME "Mommy", and I will get to spend some quality time with my own Mom next weekend.  I'm very excited about that.  It is always wonderful when I get a chance to be with her.

Happy Mother's Day to you!  Even if you may not be a mother yourself, your life has undoubtedly been shaped by one. 

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  1. Happy Mother's Day, have a great day with your kiddies :) x



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