Surprise Encounter

I am a really lucky lady.  I have the best hubby ever, and two fabulous little boys.  I love these roles of 'wife' and 'mother' more than any that preceded them. 

Life is good.  There are days when there is routine and safety.  There are days when there is excitement and adventure.  There are days when we are reminded of just how blessed we are.  There are days that we are surprised by each other. 

All of these days are my favorites.

Today I decided to get out of the office over lunch.  This is not terribly unusual, but was spur of the moment and not something I'd discussed with anyone.  I thought I'd kill some time at the nearby Goodwill store.  It's a nice diversion which also happens to be close to my office. 

So, there I was perusing shelves of glassware and brik-a-brak when I heard a familiar voice (my husband's) which surprised me.  I looked up and there he was smiling at me.  It was a smile that said he was surprised to see me, but also one that said this was a pleasant surprise.  I know that the smile I returned was filled with the same sentiment.  This was truly a pleasant surprise.

Hubby usually works on the other side of the city, and today he had to work at a different one of his company's offices.  Today's office was a lot closer to mine, but we hadn't thought to plan a meeting.  It happened anyway.

After our initial surprise, we then proceeded to browse the aisles together.  We even ended up finding some fun bargains.  I know that meeting at Goodwill isn't most people's idea of a fun date, but you know what?  That's what it ended up being for us. 

This was simply... the best lunch ever.


  1. Hi,

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  2. This is so cool. You guys were clearly meant to be together :)

  3. Great blog:) Follow you from blog hop and would you mind please following back:) Thanks so much!




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