Weekend Bargains

On Saturday – Hubby, Little Guy and I went looking for garage sales. It was a lovely day and we found several. Little Guy found some new train books for 25¢each. We got a medicine cabinet for my bathroom for $4, and Dan found a few things he can re-sell on eBay.
The biggest bargain though, was a stack of boy’s clothes for which we spent a whopping $2 total. So for less than the cost of a Mocha Latte, we came home with all of the following (all in excellent condition):

• GAP Winter Coat size 4T

• Reebok warm-up jacket size 3T

• Timberland heavy-duty hooded sweatshirt size 4T

• Garanimals spring jacket size 4T

• GAP camouflage cargo pants size 3T

• Carhartt jeans size 3T

• Levi’s jeans size 3T

Little Guy is currently wearing 2T, so these won’t come into play for a while yet, but I’m always excited to find a great bargain – regardless of size. An added benefit, is that I’ll forget about these until it’s time to dig out the 3T or 4T tub and then I’ll have a fun surprise all over again.

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