Family Fun

When I got home from work last night, Little Guy came barreling into my arms – a wiggling chatterbox showering his Mama with hugs and kisses. Once he’d made his way back to the ground, he lead me by the hand into the family room where Hubby and he had been playing catch. LG wanted me to join in the fun, so I did.

After an early dinner, we pulled out the play-doh and came up with all sorts of creations. We made faces, fish, cars, a cow and a train. Little Guy squealed with delight as each object took a shape he recognized. He added a pile of little play-doh balls to the mix and carefully “cut” into each of them with his little plastic fork. He would have liked to play like that all night, but after a while we lured him away with the promise of a wagon ride.
Once we convinced him to ride in his little red wagon and let Daddy do the pulling, we were off. We went on a leisurely walk around the neighborhood, enjoying the sights and sounds of an emerging Autumn. The sun was warm, but it was nicely countered by a gentle breeze. Little Guy pointed at airplanes overhead, waved at passing motorists and urged his Daddy to go faster. Once home, it was time for a bath, followed by a stack of books to read and songs to sing. We closed the evening with a sweet bedtime prayer. Little Guy easily drifted off to dreamland – a happy (and tired) little boy indeed.

He slept like a little angel – and so did we. No matter what curve balls life may throw my way, quality time spent with my special guys does wonders for this Mama!

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