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So we looked all over for a new sewing machine after my beloved (though ancient) Singer bit the dust a while back. Because we are frugal folks, we first looked at garage sales, tag sales and Craig’s List. We looked into repair, but decided that wasn’t the right route to take. Minimum repair cost was to be $60. Ten years ago, my Dad bought me the machine at a garage sale for $3. We decided I’d more than gotten his money’s worth.

However, the perfect used machine proved elusive. Well, elusive in the short span of time we had to spare searching for it. I have a stack of sewing projects that need to be done soon, and I didn’t think I had time to tackle them by hand, unless my goal date could be moved to next Christmas? No, that wouldn’t work. I needed a machine.


So one night this week, my hubby (who for the record, is AWESOME), called me to his office in our basement. He pointed to his computer and said, “Pick the one you like”. On the screen was a website which displayed a lovely array of brand spanking-new sewing machines.

My pulse quickened.

My palms became damp.

I couldn’t contain a silly grin as I sat down to peruse the options before me. There were a variety of prices, styles, brands and features. I had a rough idea of the features I most wanted in a new machine. I knew I wanted all the basics, as well as extra decorative stitch options and a drop feed for free motion quilting. Before long, I found the machine that seemed to meet each one of my criteria. The price was right so we placed the order.

It was delivered last night. I’m so happy I could burst.

Here she is: The Brother model CS-6000i computerized sewing machine. I call her Sophie (as in SEW-fie). 
Isn't she beautiful?

I unpacked the box, read through the instruction manual, set everything up and started sewing (you’ll see pics of my first project later in the week hopefully). I pulled myself away when my eyes started to get droopy. If I didn’t have a family and a day job I might have just sewn all night. As it was, I packed everything out of reach of two year old hands and headed to bed…where I dreamed of bobbins and seam rippers and presser feet and double needles.

To paraphrase an old movie classic, “Sophie, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship."

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