Knights, Pirates & Maidens… Oh My!

This weekend we found ourselves feeling a bit stir-crazy, but with nothing specific to do. We turned to the internet to see if there were any local events which sounded interesting. There wasn’t much to choose from.

We decided to go outside of our comfort zone a bit, and settled on a Renaissance Faire (a first for each of us). We didn’t have any idea what to expect. In my mind, I was thinking there would just be a bunch of tents, maybe a bon-fire and a lot of folks dressed like Sir Lancelot or Robin Hood. My mental image wasn’t wrong, but it was incomplete. We did see tents. We did see a fire. We did meet Robin Hood (he even gave Little Guy a piece of his ‘treasure’).

In addition to those things, we also saw a joust, a blacksmith, a “prisoner” in stocks, several Pirates & Musketeers, a fencing demonstration, many merchants selling things like kilts and leather mugs, and assorted tasty treats – most with a Renaissance twist.

All of this activity was nestled into a small, but surprisingly detailed village. Men and women in costume were everywhere. Some were dressed as more traditional Renaissance figures (Knights, Maidens & Royalty). Others were dressed as Highlanders, Monks or Magicians. Then there was an unexpected “Lord of the Rings” contingent – complete with Elves and Fairies. Somehow this mish-mosh of role playing adults meshed well.

All in all, it was fun. We ate good food (Hubby had Bangers & Mash, Little Guy ate “Ye Olde Pizza” and I had stew). We were entertained with various shows and displays. It was a lovely day weather-wise and all in all, a success.

Though I don’t expect we’ll start dressing up anytime soon, I do expect we’ll go back next year.

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