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I’ve been a busy little bee lately. That week where I didn’t have a sewing machine, I finished the afghan for my Grandma (Christmas Present) that I started last winter.

Once the new machine arrived, I dug into the towering pile on my project table and finished a baby quilt (flannel & chenille), a baby blanket (also flannel & chenille – but bigger and not quilted), a throw pillow for the chair in Little Guy’s room, AND two toddler-size pillow cases - one for Little Guy, one for a friend's daughter.

So, I’ve been busy with everything except posting pictures here. So now I’m trying to catch up. See the snaps below for a glimpse.

In progress are a second baby quilt (similar to the first one), and two Christmas gifts which I can’t detail here as the recipients are readers of this blog. ha ha

Little Guy's Pillow Case.  The one I made for a friend was girly with little monkeys and bananas all over.

Afghan for Grandma

Baby Blanket commissioned by a friend

Baby Quilt for a friend

Throw pillow for the rocking chair in Little Guy's room.  The fabric is a Michael Miller cowboy print that I love.


  1. Oh lummy, I am SO behind with my comments! How exciting, a new machine, with lots of fancy stuff. My old Singer does straight and zigzag.
    I am loving all your craftiness, especially the Afghan, that looks absolutely lovely. Lucky Grandma!
    Oh, poor 'Little Guy', he is very brave. Let's hope the new tubes do wonders. Still, he has lots of jolliness in his new room and by the sounds of things some fabby clothes awaiting him.
    Big hugs, Z xx

  2. you have been busy! what lovely stuff- I love the colour of the Afghan - and what a toasty boy you will have with the quilt and pillows - lucky lad!

  3. Wow you have been busy! Great creations. x



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