Playing "School"

Little Guy has recently shown quite an interest in learning. Learning about everything. He’s just soaking up new information like a tiny little sponge. I want to encourage him, but he’s only two – so I certainly don’t want to overwhelm him with anything overly structured. I think small children should be having a fun time enjoying childhood while they can.

That being said, we’ve begun to play “school” when he’s in the mood. I’ve set up an area where he can color and draw (two of his favorite pastimes). On the wall above his little table, I’ve hung a number poster and another with the alphabet on it. Whenever he shows interest, we go to that corner and I bring out coloring books or flashcards or drawing paper and paints. We read books and sing songs… whatever seems interesting at the time, and holds his attention. When he gets bored, or wants to play with his train or whatever – he does. We can always resume if/when he wants to.

For now I am trying to reinforce the things he already knows pretty well: colors, shapes, animals, that sort of thing. If he continues to enjoy learning in this manner, I’ll move to other subjects as he’s ready for them.

Right now, it’s really all about encouraging in our Little Guy a sense of curiosity and (hopefully) a love of learning. And as an added bonus for me, I get to spend some really special quality time with Little Guy as he explores his world.

I love watching the feeling of accomplishment on his little face when he masters something new (or at least makes a valiant effort to do so)! That and his exuberant little cries of, “I Did IT! I Did IT!” makes my heart happy.

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