A Happy Birthday

Today is my Birthday, and to celebrate it blog-style, I thought I'd share with you the 36 things that make me the happiest.... (bet you can't guess how old I am today?)

1. My fantastic husband who puts up with my quirkiness, loves and supports me no matter what. I'm a very lucky lady.
2. Willie, Willie, Willie.... everything about my little boy makes me happy. His cackle, his cute little wave, the way his hair smells, how he blows me kisses, his inquisitive nature, and his sweetness. I honestly just can't get enough of that little guy!
3. The rest of my family. I'm so blessed. I not only was born into a fantastic family, but when I married Dan I was very lucky to gain another one. I love them all. My own parents are not only my Mom & Dad...they are also my friends. And as we've grown older, my little brother and I have also grown close.
4. Friends, both old and new.
and because people aren't the only thing that make me happy...
5. Chocolate ice cream
6. Old episodes of Greatest American Hero on DVD
7. My cook books
8. Taking pictures of my little guy
9. Baseball
10. The sound of birds singing in the Springtime
11. Photo albums, boxes of photos, digital photos... you get the idea
12. Reading blogs and making new friends through this media
13. Curling up with a good book - and then being able to actually read a good chunk
14. Antiquing
15. Blackberry jam
16. when the "fat jeans" are too big - woo hoo!
17. hearing from an old friend unexpectedly
18. Vintage textiles.... quilts, linens, tea towels, handkerchiefs...
19. McDonald's Shamrock Shake!
20. Buttered popcorn
21. Superman
22. snuggling with my hubby
23. playing with my baby - building towers, racing cars, solving puzzles, hugging teddy bears etc.
24. talking on the phone with my parents (I call them every day)
25. the smell of raspberries
26. Old hymns in church
27. Hockey
28. Christmas Day
29. craft projects
30. frosted cupcakes. mmmmm
31. our Wii Fit - some days I hate it, but mostly I love how it's helped both Dan and I get into better shape.
32. taking Will past the wall of tv's at Wal Mart - or through the toy department. That boy loves Wal Mart!
33. drinking Orange Crush from a glass bottle
34. taking Willie to the park
35. wearing my favorite college sweatshirt around the house
36. tucking Willie into bed at night, and then after a bit...sneaking back in to watch him sleep.
If today is any indication of the year ahead.... this will be a very, very good year!


  1. Have a very Happy Birthday, Christy. Are you celebrating with a Macca Ds Shamrock Shake? What is that? I have in my mind a green milkshake, but what flavour? Lime?
    Are you a fan of Wicked the stage show? I just wondered because of the blog name and the green background?
    Have a brilliant day,
    Zoe xx

  2. Hi Zoe,
    I haven't had a Shamrock Shake yet, but plan on treating myself to one this week. They are indeed a green milkshake that we get at our McDonald's around St Paddy's day. Very yummy! I haven't seen the Wicked stage show (though would love to someday). The blog name was inspired by folks in our American NorthEast (Boston in particular). They sometimes use "wicked" instead of "very". When we went there for a Red Sox game a few years ago, we heard it alot and it stuck with us. Thanks as always for you comments! :)

  3. Hope you have a 'wicked' birthday!



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