Bathroom Facelift

This is not our bathroom (thank goodness!).

I added this picture after deciding there was no easy way to take a photo of the bathroom (before or after) that I'll be telling you about here. As I've mentioned before, we have a small house. The bathroom that is closest to all the bedrooms (and the only one with a tub) is no exception. I'd even go so far as to say it's tiny - not as tiny as an outhouse...but kind of close. :)

Small indeed, but perfectly well equipped with all of the things a soul could need in a bathroom. The only issue I've really ever had with the room was the floor. It was an unfortunate "natural slate" tile. Sounds lovely, doesn't it? Not so fast! This "natural slate" was supposed to look like it came right out of the ground - and was full of cracks and crevices and nooks and crannies to achieve that look. Not ideal for a bathroom floor. In my opinion, not ideal for anything other than a hike through the woods. No matter how often I scrubbed, I never really felt it was clean enough.

We've lived in our house for almost three years, and I have been hoping for a new floor in that bathroom since day one. We tend to be pretty frugal though, and since nothing was actually wrong with the bathroom floor (the uneven nature of the tile was part of it's design - not truly defective in any way) ... it was not what one would call "top priority" to replace it.

That was, until recently.

Early in the week, I noticed the toilet tank was leaking a bit. I mentioned it to hubby, who is super handy with such things. He took out the toilet to investigate, and fixed the problem fairly quickly. Upon completion he mentioned that some of the tiles had broken as he was working, and we'd have to replace the flooring.

He sighed... and I cheered (mostly on the inside).

We made a little trip to our local hardware store to review available flooring options.

The cost to have new flooring installed by "professionals" was ludicrous to us considering the fact that we were going to need such a tiny area covered. We decided to buy those "peel and stick" vinyl tiles and do it on our own (and by "on our own" I actually mean that Dan would do it of course). I said that while we were at it, I'd really love to repaint as well. My sweetie of a husband said that was fine but I could do the paining. Seemed more than fair to me!

So pretty much every night this week Dan was in there either pulling up old tiles, prepping the resulting surface for new tiles, or carefully measuring and laying the new flooring. He finished the tiles on Friday (hurrah!) and I finished painting today. The walls are a soft tan and they go well with the new tiles which are a mottled brown color variation. My existing moss green accents went back in and the overall effect is calm and serene - which is just how I like it.
The best part of the whole little make-over, is that now the floor is perfectly flat, and smooth. It is going to be super easy to keep clean.

So, a big Thank You to my wonderful husband for doing the hard work and leaving me with a lovely "new" bathroom! Oh, and an added bonus.... we got quite a bargain on the tile, found very affordable paint, and got the whole project done well within budget. Yay!
Now that this bathroom project is done, we can start concentrating on the outdoors. We have a lot to do to recover from the harsh winter. There will be leaves to bag, trees & shrubs to inspect, mulch to arrange and containers to fill with garden plants.
Maybe when all of THAT is done, I can take some time to enjoy a nice long bubble bath in my "new" bathroom!


  1. Wow what a huge project! I understand the small bathroom thing, you can wash your hands when your sitting on the toilet in mine lol.. Oh, I'm glad that outhouse isn't your bathroom haha!

  2. Hi Christy - thanks for visiting and leaving a comment. I love the photo of the outhouse - thank goodness for indoor plumbing! Your post shows that with a little effort we can achieve things without spending a lot of money! Regards, Anne

  3. Your outside bathroom looks really luxurious lol. Seriously though it sounds like you've achieved a great make over on a sensible budget. Home is what you make it.



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