SAHM For The Day

We had a wonderful Saturday, filled with the Easter Bunny and friends visiting. It was followed by a less than wonderful Saturday night though. Willie woke up after just a couple hours, and couldn’t get back to sleep. He had an earache, and as I’ve told you before, Will is a Momma’s boy when he’s feeling yucky… so Saturday night was hard on us both.

On Sunday we took him to the local walk-in clinic. They quickly confirmed what we had suspected – Will has an ear infection. They gave us a prescription and we were quickly on our way. Will slept better on Sunday night, but woke Monday morning still achy and grouchy and feverish.

I called my office to say I’d be staying home (Daycare won’t take a baby that has a fever - and luckily, my employer can manage just fine without me for one day).

All Willie really wanted to do throughout the morning was snuggle. I had no problem with that plan of action. We curled up on the sofa and watched Sponge Bob. By mid-afternoon, the antibiotics were kicking in, and he was starting to feel better. This meant that he was done cuddling, and wanted to get up and play. While he stacked blocks and pushed around his cars; I was able to get some housework done…not a lot, mind you – but some.

It was nice. I felt very domestic and wifely. Not quite June Cleaver, but close. I vacuumed, dusted and made beds. I scrubbed the kitchen floor and sorted laundry. I would have made a cake, but we’re on a diet.

When Dan came home, the house was clean, and Willie and I happily greeted him at the door. We had a nice supper, and then while Dan gave Will his bath, and tucked him in – I snuck off for my first crochet class! (I’ll tell you more about that soon.)

I had a really nice time being a “Stay at Home Mom”, even if it was only for that one day. I don’t know if the future holds a permanent SAHM job for me, but if it does (someday) become an option… I do think I’d be okay with that.



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