Our Little Cook

When I was a little girl, my Mom gave me many little sets of dishes - bake sets, tea sets, a little Tupperware cake set, picnic dishes etc. She would let me "bake" little tiny cakes and muffins for my Dad, and we had a lot of fun in the kitchen together. Those are really precious and happy memories for me.

I want Will to learn at a young age just how much fun cooking & baking can be. Both Dan and I love to cook, so I think it will come naturally when he's old enough. Right now, he's a bit too small, but I've still been on the lookout for good children's kitchen bargains. Recently I found an old (but very good condition) copy of the Better Homes and Gardens Junior Cookbook for when Will is older. (Just $1 at a Thrift store - Hurrah!) This weekend he found it (he's getting very good at "finding" things, regardless of where I hide them).
My folks and little brother were up for a visit on Saturday, and out of nowhere he started "showing" them his new book (which until then I didn't know he even knew about). So we went along and let him look it over.

By the way, the toy Army hat is his current favorite thing to wear. It's silly, but oh so cute.
Here he is telling us all about it....

And finding something that looks yummy....

And something else he'd like to try...

Decision made - he wants French Toast!

Now I know what we'll be having for breakfast this week, at least once... After all, how can I say no to that cute little boy?xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Oh, and here's a pic of Willie and I in the kitchen with our aprons on! I made his with my machine around Christmas. Mine, I did by hand and just finished a couple weeks ago. I'll eventually blog about that fun project, but for now... a sneak peek:

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