Oh the Fun that was Had!

Yesterday was my birthday. And for something a little different, I took the day off from my desk job to have a “Me Day” filled with fun things that I rarely do, but do enjoy. Dan wished me a happy day before leaving for work, and when the usual time came… I trucked little Wills off to his babysitter. (The babysitter by the way, surprised me with a lovely birthday card AND a gift certificate for a pedicure! How sweet is that?)

Once Willie was settled, I headed out. My gas tank was full and birthday money was burning a hole in my pocket… Though (like most Moms) I don't typically spend a lot of money on frivolous things for myself, I was determined that at least some of my birthday money would go toward fun "Christy" items.
First stop: Wal Mart. While there, I stocked up on canning jars for later in the year(quarts and half pints), also some lids for the jars I already had. Then I made my way to the garden center where I got some gigantic bags of garden soil (for the new containers my dear Dad is bringing me this coming weekend).
As I was leaving that part of the store, my eye was caught by a display of cute little wind chimes. One had a ceramic chicken at the top, and looked like it would be a wonderful addition to my back yard. (The pic below isn't perfect as the chicken blends into the tree trunk a bit, but you get the idea.)

I stopped in the craft section too and picked up a few quilting supplies. I paid, and loaded my purchases into the trunk of the car. I was on the road again in no time, and it wasn’t even 9am! Hurrah! Still a whole lot of birthday left! Once home, I put my new things away, threw in a load of laundry and vacuumed. (Even a “Me Day” includes some housework after all!).

Next up: I headed out again, this time to an area of town that is a bit touristy, but lots of fun as it is filled with antique stores, gift boutiques, bakeries, restaurants and an assortment of odd shops. We actually go there often, but typically there are several stores we never visit. Either Dan isn’t a bit interested (shops full of lace or soaps or chenille - far too girly for his tastes), or I fear Will might break more items than I can afford to replace. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

At any rate, on this particular “Me Day”, I went into every store that looked interesting to me (and was kind enough to be open). I purchased some lovely handkerchiefs - yes their are eight. I just love fun hankies...

...at a sweet little thrift store, I found a huge stack of books (cook books, a gardening book, a quilting book, and several children's books) and some little wooden puzzles for Willie. At a small antique store, I came across a new "had to have it" necklace (which features a sweet little vintage cowboy image that reminds me of my little guy). It's about an inch and a half long - the picture makes it look larger than it is.

I bought some children's gardening supplies for Will's Easter basket, and a wooden shelf for my bathroom. It didn't take long for my arms to grow heavy with all the items I'd found. Needing a bit of a break, I followed up the shopping with a big calorie-ridden cupcake. (I know, I know - not diet friendly, but my birthday does only come around once a year!)

At last it was time to go home. So I loaded the car with my new found treasures and picked up Will from the sitter’s. We got home just moments before Dan did and a happy little reunion ensued (Willie gets so excited when Daddy comes home). We decided to go out a bit (in honor of the day). I was in the mood for Mexican food, so Dan treated us to a lovely dinner at a local eatery. Will tasted salsa for the first time, and LOVED it. We all had a wonderful meal.

Back home, we tucked our little man into his crib, and settled down for a quiet evening on the sofa. Me with my quilt project, and Dan with the remote control.

I can’t remember a happier birthday. From start to finish, this one was just perfect! And technically, it's not yet over - my folks and little brother are coming on Saturday to visit and celebrate with us. What fun!

A few closing pictures from my big day…

These are some of the gifts from Dan (the Pyrex bowl is a replacement for a much loved one that I shattered). The art journal and colored pencils will be used often, and I can’t wait to dig into that quilt pattern book! The cute little revolving cube has pictures of Will on every side – it will be such fun on my desk at work.

and here are some of my many birthday cards:

I am so incredibly lucky to have such loving and thoughtful family & friends. I am thankful for each of them. They are all so very special and appreciated.


  1. A very happy birthday for yesterday!
    Have a wonderful weekend! ;-)

  2. Happy belated birthday! So glad that you had a good day. xx



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