We Love Firefighters!!

Fireman Sam is a wonderful children's
series from Wales.  Little Guy Loves it.
At the moment, we are living and breathing all things related to fighting fires. We play with toy fire trucks. We color pictures of fire trucks. We pretend to be firefighters. When we have TV time, we watch Fireman Sam episodes on NetFlix. When we are in the car, we make siren noises. At night we read bedtime stories about firemen. You get the idea.

Last weekend we went to our local Fire Station’s open house/pancake breakfast (lucky timing indeed). As you might expect, Little Guy had a ball! He loved meeting the firemen, sliding down the pole, sitting in the fire trucks, playing in the bouncy house they provided and just walking around the station. Truthfully we all had a pretty good time.

Daddy helping Little Guy slide down the
fire station pole.
Baby Boy wearing his brother's fire helmet
When we got home, we decided to make a fire station for his trucks. We started with a cardboard box (a heavy duty box once used for fruit), covered it in bits and pieces of red scrapbook paper (which I drew “bricks” on). Little Guy helped me arrange assorted paper to make walls, a roof and a big yellow “X” for his rescue helicopter to land on. The resulting “Fire Station” holds most all of his trucks, and has already offered a lot of fun play time.

LG with his cardboard fire station.
And in action

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