And Minnie Moore!

When I was a very little girl, my family knew a sweet older lady. I think her name might have been Mary Moore, but for some reason I always thought her name was Minnie. The reason that is important for the purpose of this little story, is that in my neck of the woods it is not uncommon to hear the following at the conclusion of the traditional happy birthday song*:


This of course is a wish for the birthday person to live a long and happy life, full of many more birthdays in the future.

But when I was little, I just thought it meant that Miss Minnie Moore got to have a lot more birthdays than anyone else did. I was jealous of that sweet older lady, imagining days of cake and presents with no end in sight.

I say all that, to say this (to my baby brother, for today is his birthday)…

Happy Birthday to YOU, and MINNIE MOORE!!!!!!!

I love you David! You make me so proud to be your big sister.

*You know the song I’m talking about….but I did not want to have to pay royalties for this blog post, which is why I’m not sharing the whole song here. You understand.

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