A Sweet Gift from Afar

The picture is of Baby Boy and his new softie heffalump, which was a lovely and sweet gift from Miss Zoe of Pennyblossoms.  It was promptly named "Wilson" by our three year old.  I'm not sure why he chose that name, but it works.  Baby Boy already likes to touch the silky soft Wilson, and Little Guy even picks him up for a hug now and then.  I have a feeling he'll be a favorite with our boys. 

So, a great big American "Thank You" goes out to Miss Zoe.  I promise you will soon be getting a little something in the mail from us as well.  Thank you for your thoughtfulness and for always knowing just what to say and always saying it with a kind heart.  Though we may never meet in person - I feel that you are a dear friend.

Thank you Miss Zoe!!!


  1. Just wait a minute while I wipe away a little tear...Ha ha!
    I love that 2nd picture - they look so cute together.
    It was just nice to be a position to do this! And, yes, I think we're good friends too, and one day I may get my self over to the USA. I've never been and miracles DO happen!
    And, no, you naughty thing, you shouldn't send me anything, except perhaps a photo!
    Big hugs,
    Miss Zoe xx

  2. Looks like he really favors his mama, esp. in that second photo. :)



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