Homework: "H" is for hat

Little Guy started attending a new daycare/pre-school when I returned to work.  In addition to getting lots of play time with his friends, they practice letters and numbers, have story time, and do crafts.  Little Guy loves it, and looks forward to going every day. 

His teacher asked that we practice printing letters for fifteen to twenty minutes a day.  We practice writing and also coloring (as that is something he needs to work on).  At first he didn't act all that thrilled to be doing this stuff at home, but now he's really enjoying it.  I'm going to start posting a few of our projects every week, so that we can better track his progress.

Below are some pictures from the past week.  We did at least one project every night last week, but I didn't always take pics.  Here are a few of the things we worked on.

For this project, I drew a big "H" and then cut out letters from
magazines.  I piled the misc letters on the table, and LG picked
out all the H's to glue onto the big one.
It's kind of hard to see here...but this was a coloring
page of a Hen.  He colored it (you can see why we're practicing
our coloring), and then he glued on 'feathers'.

He loves to use glue!

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  1. I miss my children being this young. He looks very happy. xxxxxx



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