Little Guy Update

This picture was taken just after
we got home.  He was still
pretty groggy.

Little Guy had his CT scan on the 12th of September. They had to sedate him for it, as he just wasn’t able to lay still for the time needed. The results were very promising. The cyst (or mass, as they keep calling it now) was isolated behind the right ear and had not spread under his skull. (Thank God!)

The doctor did want to remove it – so we went in on September 28th for surgery. The doctor was able to extract the entire mass (though appearing quite tiny on the outside, it was actually a couple inches long, having curled behind his ear under the skin). He has some stitches, but after the first day hasn’t complained at all. He’s a trooper.

We get the pathology report on Thursday. We are (of course) praying for good results.


  1. This is good news....and he looks so sweet. You take care of yourself. Such a lot going on.

  2. Aw what a brave little guy. Fingers crossed for tomorrow. x

  3. Oh gosh! Praying here for you too. xxxx



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