Little Guy: BIG News!!

We received great news last week! The mass removed from behind Little Guy’s ear turned out to be only a “skin cyst”. Though not a wonderful thing for him to have had, it was not something which will require further treatment or something which should ever return. We are thrilled beyond words, and so very thankful for such a positive outcome!!


  1. I am almost jumping up and down with excitement at your news! What a great relief it must have been.
    So pleased that heffalump arrived safely. I fell in love with him at first sight and I do believe that elephants are supposed to be lucky. Seemed it did the trick for Willie, even if it was in a cargo hold somewhere between me and you!
    Z xx

  2. Thrilled for you as well. ::big sigh!::

  3. The best news ever!!! What did we worry about before we had kids? xxxxxxxxx



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