Boy Crazy

I’m very, VERY excited to announce that our second little blessing is a BOY! Although a little girl would have certainly been wonderful as well; I must admit to being simply ecstatic when the ultrasound tech announced that the blurry blob on the screen was our son.

Little Guy has been so much fun, and I think he’ll be a wonderful big brother. I like the idea that they can be buddies. I’m happy that after the new baby outgrows the nursery, the two of them can share a room for at least a few years. I like that Baby Boy will be able to wear all of Little Guy’s clothes which we saved “just in case”. Really other than diapers and formula, we will need very little – if anything. That’s certainly a blessing considering how expensive baby items can be. We will of course buy some new things for Baby Boy here and there, but in general….we’re set.

The biggest blessing of all, is of course that our Baby Boy appears to be totally healthy. All the important parts are right where they are supposed to be. He has a strong heartbeat and (based on how much he was moving during the ultrasound) plenty of energy. We haven’t reached the finish line yet, but we already know how truly lucky and blessed we are to be bringing another sweet little one into this world. We are ever thankful for this gift of life and look forward to welcoming him into our happy little family.


  1. This is wonderful news, and your excitement is definitely contagious. :)

  2. Another boy. How wonderful.
    Take good care of yourself!




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