Baby Boy's First Blanket

When I was expecting Little Guy, I splurged on one item.  It was an adorable baby blanket made with a fun Michael Miller retro cowboy fabric, backed with minky chenille.  I found the blanket on eBay and bought it right off.  In hindsight I should have done a little research and tracked down the fabric to make it myself. Oh well.  I loved seeing my tiny boy wrapped up in his little cowboy blanket, and he still uses it at nap time on occasion.  It was worth the splurge.

So, when we found out about the new baby, I knew I wanted to make something similar... I went to Etsy (never knew about that lovely site three years ago, but it's now a favorite!)  I found another retro Michael Miller fabric (this one features space ships and little child astronauts).  I was able to purchase one yard for a great bargain price, and decided to use a vintage chenille bedspread (in pale yellow - from my fabric stash) as a backing.  Total time to finish the project was maybe an hour.
Gathering the supplies...
The end result is really quite adorable, and the total cost of this blanket is less than one fourth of what I paid for Little Guy's cowboy blanket.  I sure hope my new little munchkin loves his blanket as much as Little Guy loves his.
The Final Result.... I love it!  What do you think?



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