A Passing Storm

Last night thunderstorms roared all around us. The local tornado sirens sent us scurrying to the basement for cover. Some surrounding areas experienced large hail and severe winds. We were very blessed to have avoided any damage to ourselves or our property. We played in the basement until the warnings passed us by, and then resumed our normal night-time routine.

I slept soundly and fitfully, my slumber set to the soft background noise of raindrops on the rooftop.

When we first poked our heads out the front door this morning, it was clear that those storms had ushered 2011 Spring into our neighborhood. Suddenly the grass is greener and the little shoots of green (which we’ve been seeing all week) are taller. The birds are singing. The breeze smells fresh, and we hungrily breathe in its promise.

I just love this time of year. Don’t you?

Note: Storm Cloud image from Bing!

1 comment:

  1. Tornado siren? Makes me think of The Wizard of Oz! Thankfully we don't get real extremes of weather here. Spring is my favourite season. x



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