Fun With the Kids

Little Guy and I went to my parents’ small farm over the weekend for a visit. We had a wonderful time. Little Guy loves running around the big yard, “driving” Grandpa’s old John Deere 60 (while it is parked in the barn), and visiting the animals. Mom and Dad have a donkey, a pony, a goat and some barn cats. Technically, they now have three goats as the Mama very recently had two little kids, “Sugar & Blackie”. They are small, and absolutely full of energy (reminding me of another little ‘kid’ I know).

Dad set up a special little pin for the baby goats so that Little Guy could play with them without worrying about the bigger animals. This also gave him a clean pin to play in (which was a bonus for me on laundry day). They frolicked and jumped and took turns standing on two overturned feed bowls. Little Guy chased Sugar and Blackie around saying, “Stop so I can pet you!” It was simply adorable. By the end of the day, my sweetie had played to his heart’s content. He was a happy boy indeed.

Watching him reminded me of all the fun times I had as a child growing up on a farm. Over the years we had goats, sheep, cows, ponies, chickens and of course cats and dogs. Not all at the same time, of course – but fun anyway.

Little Guy’s babysitter has a dog, and Hubby’s Mom has a couple cats, so he does get some animal exposure from time to time. I’m glad that we have the farm to go to though. There’s nothing quite as fun as playing with baby farm animals on a day that hints at the coming Spring.

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  1. How brilliant for a little man to have a small farm to play on - he's so lucky. xxxx



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