I'm With the Band

Music is a big deal in our little family. Hubby played the Sousaphone in his high school and college marching bands. I never played an instrument, and frankly can’t read music or carry a tune…but I can operate a radio with the best of them. Between Hubby and I, we've amassed quite a collection of records and compact discs.  Gradually we're building a digital collection as well.  We've tried to expose little guy to artists we think he'll enjoy.
This is a Sousaphone...not a tuba.
From a young age, he has shown an avid interest in music, and we are trying our hardest to encourage it. We won’t start him with any lessons until he’s older of course, but we’ve humored him with several musical toys (he has a little saxophone, a guitar, drums and two pianos).                                                                                                                                                                       
Lately a favorite game is “Playing Band”. Little Guy will assign each of us a toy instrument and we will play along while he plays the instrument he has selected, and also sings. Occasionally, he will shout, “stop the music” and once we’ve stopped he’ll giggle and then we start all over again. It’s fun and adorable to see him playing and singing and conducting his little family band.

Are we in tune? No.
Is he a savant who will be playing concertos before he’s in kindergarten? No.
But does he love it? Yes, and so do we.

We aren’t the Partridge Family by any means, but we sure are having a great time!


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  1. I love to think of you as a modern day Partridge Family - such a lovely thing for you all to do. xxxx



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