Cause and Effect?

When I was expecting Little Guy, I tried to follow all the “rules” listed in the maternity books. I will admit to you that I’m not doing so well this time around. Here’s a comparison:

What I did during Pregnancy 1 (Little Guy)
  • Ate lots of fruit and veggies
  • Worked out
  • Listened to calming classical music
  • Relaxed & napped as needed
  • Sang songs and read stories to my belly every day
  • Made an effort to talk quietly and keep calm

What I’m doing during Pregnancy 2 (New Baby)
  • Eating some fruits and veggies, but more interested in ice cream
  • Unless chasing Little Guy counts as ‘working out’, I’m missing the boat on this one
  • Listens to Veggie Tales, Railroad music & a roaring toddler who thinks he’s a T Rex
  • Relaxes (briefly) between dropping Little Guy at daycare, and arriving at the office
  • Reads bedtime stories about trains, dinosaurs and construction sites
  • Is known to loudly say things like, “Get down this instant!” and “No, you cannot have chocolate cake for breakfast!” and “If you do that one more time, you’re going to be in big trouble Young Man!” etc.

Our Little Guy is a firecracker lit at both ends. He doesn’t slow down or rest or stay out of trouble for even a minute. You certainly wouldn’t know he listened to a lot of Mozart in utero. But, honestly I don’t mind. He keeps us on our toes, and fills our hearts with joy. There is never a dull moment in our little house.

Maybe New Baby will be quiet and relaxed. Maybe not. I’m beginning to think that what I eat and listen to doesn’t matter much (within reason of course). It’s all about the love. And THAT is something that is just the same with this pregnancy as it was with the first one. Though I may not have the time to relax like I’d like to, I still love the tiny life growing in my belly with a fierce and loyal intensity that is hard to explain. I’ll love him or her if they are loud and boisterous like Little Guy. I’ll love him or her if they are quiet and gentle and do what they’re told (assuming a child such as that actually exists). I’ll love him or her no matter what happens or who they turn out to be.

And since it’s the love that matters (and I know I’ve got that covered), pass the chocolate ice cream please!


  1. I remember it well. Your 1st pregnancy is pure luxury! If its any consolation, my 2nd baby was a relaxed and settled baby and didnt crave all the attention like his older sister had (and still does!!!) xxxx

  2. We had the quieter, less rambunctious kid first, so the follow-up firecracker was a bit shocking!!



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