Falling Snow

When I look out our window, I see that we have magically been moved into the depths of a snow globe. It’s pretty, but at the same time, is also stark and fierce. Seeing the blowing snow and hearing the howling wind makes me very glad that I have a warm and cozy home filled with my little family, and all of life’s true necessities.

Little Guy loves the snow. He loves watching it and feeling it on his face. He loves to stick out his tongue to catch wandering flakes. He is a typical child when it comes to enjoying this weather.

We haven’t been able to play in the snow much this year, unfortunately. Every time the snow has been perfect, the temp has been too cold or Little Guy has been sick. We are crossing our fingers that we will get a chance this weekend to dig out the sled and maybe make some snow angels. I would hate for him to miss out on something that will bring him so much joy.

I think Hubby still has a little bit of that child-like love of the snow too.  Just yesterday he went and bought new coveralls and heavy gloves.  He tries to hide it, but I can tell the forecast excites him some.  He'll have several excuses over the next few days to make good use of his new snow gear.

Honestly, my idea of a good time in winter doesn’t usually include tromping through the snow in any manner, but when Little Guy is smiling at me through the floating white stuff, it definitely makes the numb fingers and red toes worth it. And of course when we come back into the house, we can make mugs of hot cocoa, wear warm socks and snuggle up under heavy quilts. Now that is my idea of a fun winter’s day.

I hope that you are braving the weather, wherever you are. Be safe and stay warm.


  1. I hear it may get bad for you - keep snuggly and warm. xxxx

  2. Glad you got some, glad we didn't. ;)

    You sound happy and that does me good. Your posts are always so upbeat.

    Take care and enjoy!



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