Little Blessings

I am daily reminded of the big blessings in my life: loving family, a cozy home, good health, gainful employment and wonderful friends. Sometimes the little blessings sneak up on me, and catch me off guard. This shouldn’t be the case. By now, I should be used to all the ways in which God has blessed us – both big and small.

Recently, we did a bit of inventory of the baby items in our storage room. We saved everything from when Little Guy was an infant. Almost everything can be used for New Baby. One thing we never had with LG, but want to try this time around…is a bassinet. Because Hubby and I are both bargain shoppers, we’ve been looking at auctions and eBay and children’s consignment stores. We had found a few that would work, but we weren’t terribly thrilled with any of the options. I had mentioned our little search to the babysitter one morning. I promise I wasn’t hinting around, it was just a matter of casual conversation. The next day she said that our talk reminded her she had a bassinet in storage, and if we wanted it… it was ours.

Well, I’ve never been one to pass up a chance at a good deal, so without even seeing it, we said “sure!”

We weren’t sure what to expect, but were very pleasantly surprised when we saw it. The attached picture isn’t of our actual bassinet (I’ve not taken the time to snap pics yet), but it looks just like this, right down to the creamy colored bedding. It’s just lovely. And at a price of nada, you will get no complaints from me.

Our babysitter (who honestly is like family anyway) said that her grandchildren had all used it and that it had worked wonderfully for them. It’s been in storage since her youngest grandchild grew out of it, and is in pristine condition.

I’m thrilled and thankful – even for a little blessing such as this one.

Photo via Bing! Images


  1. Forgive me for being so tardy in *excitedly* wishing you joy with your upcoming baby. I've been neglectful. :(

    You should be over the yucks by now, and feeling fine. Least I hope so!



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